Fallout 4 Devs Explain Nuka-World Raiders


Hope you’ve put on sunscreen and taken your motion sickness pills, because Fallout 4‘s final DLC, Nuka-World, releases tomorrow. In a new video on Bethesda’s channel, the devs explained the differences between the three Raider gangs vying for dominion over Nuka-World.

  • The Disciples: Classic, bloody and violent Raiders decked out in weird metal armor
  • The Operators: Stealthy, technologically inclined, wear checkered suits for some reason
  • The Pack: War-painted, animalistic, and just generally crazy

Whichever gang tickles your fancy, you can become their leader, and lead them to dominate Nuka-World (though, apparently, you can be a “kind-hearted Raider”, however that works). The video also showcased some new weapons included in the pack, including handmade assault rifles, an acid shooter, and a literal atomic paddle ball toy. Should be a fun time.

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