Evolve Returns as Free-to-Play


Remember Evolve? Y’know, the online multiplayer game where one player is a giant mutant monster, and they fight against a team of human hunters? Can’t blame you if you forgot about it, I did too. Now that everyone and their grandma is out for Overwatch‘s blood, the folks at Turtle Rock Studios have decided to throw their hat into the ring by reinventing Evolve as a free-to-play game titled Evolve: Stage 2.

All character classes, both human and monster, have been overhauled with updated and balanced stats and mechanics, and the maps and graphics have been redesigned for a clearer look and easier gameplay. Items and cosmetics will be unlocked with an in-game currency known as Silver Keys, which are earned through regular play. For players who purchased the original Evolve (and some or all of its DLC), all items they purchased will be instantly unlocked, and they will be granted “Founder” status, along with 3,000 Silver Keys and a bunch of neat cosmetic junk.

At the moment, Stage 2 is only coming to Steam; no word on the console versions as of now. The game will be re-releasing on Steam later today.

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  • I have the Xbox One version because it was given to me by the dev.. I wouldn’t have bought it at full price.