E3 2016: Persona 5 E3 Plans (Update, Release Date)


Atlus has confirmed that there will be a Persona 5 presence at their E3 booth. They have announced special artwork for the E3 badge insert that every participant receives, and that the game’s character designer, Shigenori Soejima, will be at the event for signings and Q&A.


They’ll also be giving away a variety of free swag, such as limited edition bags covered in Persona 5 artwork, and these, erm, stylish hats, based on the game’s mascot, Morgana.


In addition to Persona 5, Atlus will be teaming up with SEGA for presentations on a variety of other games, such as Yakuza 0, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X, and King of Fighters XIV, to name a few.


This just in, Atlus has announced the official western release date of Persona 5: February 14th, 2017. Valentines Day, how fitting. Gonna be a bit of a wait, though.

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