Dead Rising 4 Will Not Have a Time Limit Mechanic


In an interview with Gamespot at this year’s Gamescom, Capcom Vancouver studio head Joe Nickolls revealed that the upcoming Dead Rising 4 would be scrapping the game’s signature time limit mechanic. Nickolls had this to say on the matter:

“We did a ton of user research on it, and the majority of the people said they didn’t really love the timer–they wanted to explore. There’s so much hidden side content that when we did it with a timer, people were just getting pissed off because they couldn’t finish half of what they wanted to finish.”

Nickolls also said that the game would feature less “street burgers”, which is to say that random items sitting out in the street will be far less plentiful, and that players will need to look in more sensible locations for said items, like a supermarket for food or a laundromat for clothing.

Despite being a longtime fan of the Dead Rising series, I’m actually not all that miffed by the exclusion of a time limit. It is part of what made the game unique in the first place, yes, but with the introduction of so many cool elements to explore, like combo weapons and whatnot, I think the series may have simply outgrown the time limit. There’s nothing I love more on a lazy day than bumming around a zombie infested city and duct taping things together. If the removal of the time limit makes it easier for me to do that, I don’t mind.

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