Assassins Creed Chronicles: India & Russia Set for Early 2016


About a year ago there was an announcement that there would be three downloadable games from Ubisoft that took place in the Assassins Creed Universe and the locations would be China, India, and Russia. While Assassins Creed Chronicles: China released some time ago, we have heard nothing about the other two until today.

The next two installments of Assassins Creed: Chronicles have release dates. Assassins Creed Chronicles: India is set for January 12 while Chronicles: Russia releases February 9.

While the two games will sell for $10 each on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, if you can wait until February when the third game releases, you can buy the bundle for $30. Also, there is a Vita version of the three games that will be available April 5th, 2016.

China was actually a good side scrolling game when it came out. Expectedly, the next two games will probably follow a similar style in gameplay, but perhaps a different color palette for each. India may be a colorful game and Russia may have a lot of grey, but thats more of a prediction though

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