Microsoft E3 Press Conference Dated


With E3 2016 juts a few weeks away, Microsoft today announced their plans for their annual press briefing which will take place at 9:30AM PT on Monday, June 13. Fans of Microsoft, and viewers of the conference can expect Microsoft to focus on the Xbox One console, as well as Windows 10; According to the E3 Hub at the Xbox Website.

The conference will be live streamed through the Xbox One console, Xbox Website, as well as a live broad cast on Spike TV. After the conference, Geoff Keighley will host an Xbox Briefing Post-Conference special on his YouTube Live @ E3 show; that will begin streaming at 4PM PT, on June 13. On top of that, Microsoft will be holding its own daily Xbox Show from 4PM-5PM on June 14, and June 15.

Microsoft will have some competition when it comes to viewers this year, as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will overlap E3. The WWDC keynote address is set to behind just a half hour after Microsoft’s conference does at 10AM PT.

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