The 10 Best PS Vita Games


Believe it or not, half of our staff, which consists of the six people at the moment, actually had a PS Vita. Knowing this, the few of us decided to pick our top 10 favorite Vita games. Our list is not based of any other site or publication. The rules are that we actually had to have played the games in order for it too count. If a game is on all three lists then it is automatically included in the top, then after it goes down two out of the three, and so on. If there is room in the top ten, we look at the individual game votes and debate on what should fill the spot(s).

Even more amazing is that none of us had at least one in common on our lists. So here we go and keep in mind these are not in any particular order other than what came first in our lists we made.



Persona 4 Golden


In an unsurprising turn of events, Persona 4 Golden was the top choice on two out of the three lists. A couple of us were so sure that this would be an automatic shoe in that would appear on all the lists. What was surprising was that the game didn’t show up anywhere on the third list.

Even though this game originally released as the PS2 was leaving us, the Vita version was so much more than just a port, adding a new character into the mix and a new scenario. Vita gamers have spoken, in and out of the nuGame Network, and Persona 4 Golden seems to be king.


Gravity Rush


One of the Vita launch games turned out to be a highlight of the handhelds ability. While some may argue that Gravity Rush was better off as a console game at the times, it made us dizzy sometimes but it also was fun to play. You can enjoy Gravity Rush as a PS4 game now through digital download on the PlayStation store, but if you own a Vita, show it some love and play it on the handheld.


Danganronpa 1 & 2


If there was ever a character that had a chance to be a PlayStation mascot, it would be the maniacal bear, Monokuma. Both Danganronpa games made the list, and with good reason, as the franchise has proved to be popular in the U.S. as well as Japan. This could not have been an easy feat, but word of mouth helped levitate the series to a must have on the Vita.

The premise is this…

You are locked in an area unable to escape back into the real world. The only way to get out is to be the lone survivor. To do this, the students are forced to commit a murder. After some time to investigate, the students present their evidence and make their judgement.

If the correct person is chosen, the murder will be executed. If the majority pick the wrong person, everyone else but the murderer dies.


Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward

virtues last

This entry is more of a visual novel than anything else on the list. Like Danganronpa, you wake up in a box that leads to what appears to be a basement only  to find that eight other people have also been kidnapped. The participants are put into a life or death game while they unlock the secrets to their abduction and the “Nonary Game”.

What makes this differ from other games is the ability to change your decisions which can branch out the storyline. The main game is not that long, but the need to go through each possible story is too intriguing.


Final Fantasy X/X-2


Yes. We realize that this is a port of a remaster version of the two Final Fantasy X games. There is not much to say about this title as we seem to still be looking for an excuse to play older Final Fantasy games. Luckily, the Vita version looks great, and even better, it has a cross save feature.

Tales of Hearts R


Two out of three of us agreed that this Tales game is a must have on the Vita. Like previous entries in the Tales series, Tales of Hearts is an action role-playing game. the gameplay takes place in 3D environments with fully rendered character models, along with including a fourth AI-controlled character in battle. If you are a fan of the Tales franchise than it is almost expected that you get this for your Vita


Uncharted: The Golden Abyss


Nathan Drake’s “final story” is drawing closer and closer, but his legacy will live on. While most gamers know Uncharted from the PS3, and soon PS4, Vita owners should take it upon themselves to try out The Golden Abyss.

What started out as a demo on stage for the Vita was an actual game that could hold its own. This Uncharted game utilized the touch screen very well as you could point a drag along to screen to create a path that Nathan would take when climbing or hanging of ledges and cliffs.

Play a story that takes place before the original Uncharted, before you see the end of the series.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

trails of cold

What can I say? I love games that allow me to go into battle, as well as give me a chance to go to school. If you haven’t played this yet, I would suggest doing so if you are an JRPG fan.

The plot is about a newly formed special class “Class VII” in Thors Military Academy, composed of both aristocrats and normal Erebonian citizens. Class VII is the only class in the entire academy that does not segregate the two different social classes.

The game follows Class VII throughout their school year, mainly around the times when Class VII receive special field training that takes them all over Erebonia. Throughout their training across Erebonia, Class VII matures and casts aside their preconceptions of the two social classes and witness firsthand the reality of the empire; The power struggle between the aristocracy led by the four noble houses, and the working class reformists led by Iron Blood Chancellor Osborne which threatens to lead to a civil war.

With all the other nominees, I struggled to put it on here as I was the only one who has played it. I truly believe that Trails of Cold Steel is one of the best RPGs on the Vita, heck, even on the PS3 in which it is also available. The second entry is getting a localization and will be out soon, so get ready by starting with this one.


Thomas Was Alone


I never would have thought that I would care so much about rectangles and squares. Mike Bithell’s breakout hit deserved the acclaim it received. The minimalistic 2-D platformer was like a breath of fresh air and the narration of Danny Wallace made the game what it is along with the writing. Each character’s personality complimented the other in terms of their curiosity, jealousy, self-doubt, and love. Furthermore, while this game did release on the PS4, the Vita version seemed to be perfect for the system.

RUNNER UPS: Killzone: Mercenary, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, Mortal Kombat, Guacamelee, and Rogue Legacy.

List was complied on 05/01/16

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