Nintendo’s next console to be powered by AMD?

The logo on the NX box?

Although nothing is yet been confirmed by either Nintendo, or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Multiple sources (Venture Beat, Tech Times) are reporting that Lisa Su, AMD CEO and President, has announced this past Friday that “the company has won a third contract for a semi-custom chip design,” and that it would be used in a “product(s) that could generation billions of dollars in sales.”

AMD currently has contracts with both Sony, and Microsoft to provide semi-custom chip designs for both the PlayStation 4, and XBox One consoles. This is leading industry rumors to point towards AMD lending the computing power behind Nintendo’s next generation console, which is currently using the code-name “NX.”

If these rumors are true, and Nintendo and NX team up this could be very beneficial for Nintendo in the future. It would put Nintendo on par with ‘competitors’ Sony and Microsoft in terms of hardware power and third-party support with the consoles architecture being closer to PC than what the current Wii U’s PowerPC hardware is. It would also make sense for Nintendo to continue its relationship with AMD, as they make the GPU for the Wii U.

A lot of rumors are swirling around Nintendo, and their next ‘console’ since it was outed earlier this year. Nintendo has stated that it would release more information at 2016’s E3 conference, with nothing more than rumors and speculation about the platform so far.

Will Nintendo launch their next console in 2016? Will it be as powerful, or more powerful than the current generation offerings from Sony, and Microsoft? I think we may find out sooner than originally planned since the passing of CEO Satoru Iwata in recent weeks, that perhaps new blood at the helm of Nintendo may accelerate plans. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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