Does the Next Titanfall Game Need a Single Player Campaign?


According to GameSpot:

“Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson, mentioned that the next Titanfall game is “looking fantastic” during a post financial earnings call. The comment happened in response to a question from an analyst regarding the publishing arrangement with Respawn for the next Titanfall game. Wilson replied with, “It’s too early to dig into specifics. EA’s next fiscal year starts in April 2016 and ends in March of 2017.” EA’s fiscal year report was released on 1/28/2016

It is doubtful that we will see it release this year, but a more official announcement will probably occur during E3. It is also assumed, at this point, that it will be a multi-platform game this time around.

This also begs the question, “Does Titanfall need a single player campaign next time?”

With the sales being very good for a release on a new platform at the time, there is probably no doubt that EA will want the game on multiple platforms the next go around. With games like Star Wars Battlefront doing extremely well, while others like Evolve have their sales and players dwindling down (on Steam at least), and the so-so to good reviews and user opinions on Rainbow Six: Siege, is there still a want for the next Titanfall game to be online only?

Now that the Xbox One and PS4’s install base is much larger now, there is still a possibility of an online only element to the franchise. Many expected that the creators of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare would have created the next online sensation, but the original didn’t exactly reach that expectation regardless of the positive reviews. Not that anyone could blame them, as COD’s Modern Warfare online was phenomenal and since most gamers don’t even bother with the campaigns to this day, it seemed like an obvious decision to focus on multiplayer.

Then again, there is the possibility that Battlefront is doing well simply because it is Star Wars and there is a huge fan base already established that helped make it successful. With other games, like Evolve, it can be a difficult sell. Is online only gaming worth the risk? Would have Star Wars been an even better game with a more traditional single player campaign?

There’s probably not a definitive answer as there are multiple factors that go into it; popularity, gameplay, mechanics and so on. We are curious about how you feel about the next Titanfall. Are you excited for another Titanfall? Did you play the original? Would you rather play a campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • KuchikiSentou

    Never played the original. Wanted to; didn’t have an Xbox.

    Every $60 shooter must have a single player. It serves the fans who don’t have access to online (which is behind a paywall on the shooter consoles) and it gives an option or opportunity to better appreciate the game, even in Multiplayer.

    It does not have to be Mass Effect in scale. Good cutscenes, set-pieces, score and soundtrack in a 5-8 hour campaign never hurt anyone. It certainly doesn’t make a game sell [i]less[/i].
    Everybody likes to unilaterally say that Call of Duty is played mostly for its online. But Activision know that there is a significant portion of their market that only care for the single player and offline modes. Else they would have scrapped Campaign mode years ago. We’re on CoD 13 now and it WILL have a single player.
    For me, EA would be silly to not include a single player campaign in TitanFall 2. Co-op is a bonus. Scenario-based multiplayer is nice. There is room for improvement on some of the foundation laid already by the likes of Killzone 3, Crysis 3

  • KashIsKlay

    Yes it should.

  • Bryan

    To be honest, I didn’t buy it because of that reason. I just like story driven games too much I guess.

  • Lostbytes

    “since most gamers don’t even bother with the campaigns to this day, it seemed like an obvious decision to focus on multiplayer.”….lol. That’s why Arguably, two of the best games this year are SP only ,right! (Fallout and witcher) In order for Online only games to seceded they need to provide value for the 60+$ spent. Most Online only FPS lack value. Titanfall w/dlc had less maps then most CODs at launch — Not to mention CODs have Sp, Co-op,Zombies and in some instances other modes on top of the MP modes. What im tring to get across though, is that THEY NEED MORE VALUE FOR THE MONEY. They also need a constant stream of new content….same maps and guns get stale real quick. Check out warframe (A F2P shooter, they did content right)