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If there is one thing that some gamers cannot get enough of, it’s cooperative gameplay, but even more so, an offline/online co-op game. Some will argue that there are not enough co-op games nowadays. Fortunately, React Games looks to help rectify the problem with the RPG dungeon brawler, Super Dungeon Bros.

In Super Dungeon Bros, you and your friends play as one of four heavy metal brothers; Axel (Blue), Freddie (Red), Lars (Yellow), and Ozzie (Green). Each character has his own unique personality as they use their respected weapons; crossbows, hammers, swords, and wands, that can be changed out for other pieces if arsenal that tote other attributes, which helps keep the gameplay interesting as you make your way through the colorful levels.. Other weapons have not been announced at this time, but there will be other upgradable weapons items at launch.

A major feature that the game is focused on is the “endless replayability with over 32,000,000 unique dungeon combinations” and that you’ll never play the same dungeon twice as you navigate through endless dungeons of Rokheim to seek out loot, amd fight hordes of evil undead. There is also cross platform supported multiplayer; Xbox to Windows 10, as well as PS4 to PC & Mac. Online challenges will also be a feature as single & multiplayer challenges have both worldwide, and regional leader boards as you play against others to obtain the highest score.


While we have yet to get our hands on it, the official website,, has information about an upcoming beta being releases soon. We can’t wait to travel the heavy metal world of Rokheim and “unleash bad-ass bro-team co-op attacks in endless dungeons” and to “fire off bro-based taglines” soon. Super Dungeon Bros seems like a mixture of Diablo and Castle Crashers, with a hint of Brutal Legend’s heavy metal aesthetic, and that makes us happy.

Super Dungeon Bros. will release on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac & Windows 10 in both physical and digital formats. When we receive an official releases date, we will be sure to publish here at the nuGame Network.

Scrolls through the pages to check out some screenshots of the game and some character designs.

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