Opinion: Xbox One Has the Best Foundation for VR


Virtual Reality is a new, competitive, and emerging addition to the video game industry. Not only does it introduce a new dimension to gaming as a whole, but to the games themselves. It seems that VR is very much real, and here to stay.

Over the last year we’ve seen multiple companies and studios throw their hats into this thriving business. But we’ve also seen gaming systems make their bid too. Playstation’s PSVR is the extension to their best-selling console, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are making their mark on the PC ecosystem, and the Xbox is…. oh wait. We don’t know yet. Actually, Microsoft hasn’t officially announced that they have any sort of VR extension in the works. But, they are right? With Sony’s Xbox killer already dipping its feet, it would be suicide for Microsoft not to. Well, with a new Xbox 1.5 seemingly in the works, we’re going to bet the Xbox VR will be introduced jointly with the upgraded system. So here is my opinion on why Xbox VR is real, and has potential to be the definitive VR experience.


1. It’s Running Windows 10

Microsoft’s newest OS rolled out last year on PC and Xbox One. And, although its ecosystem is much smaller, gives Xbox One an advantage in terms its versatility and possibilities. One possibility is that Microsoft doesn’t even make a VR headset exclusively for Xbox, and that they just make the Xbox One compatible with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. With an OS that already allows these systems to work on PC, it doesn’t seem impossible by any means. It would also be another step towards making Windows PC’s and Xbox One a truly integrated experience. Plus, who wouldn’t love saving money by not having to buy a separate headset for their gaming PC and their Xbox?



I’ll be frank here. Microsoft has tried twice to make their motion tracking Xbox companion a mainstream gaming platform, and has failed both times. With a lack of games, troublesome compatibility, and an honest lack of interest by the community, it just didn’t last. But VR is an opportunity to put the Kinect to work. Think about it. If you own a Kinect, you already have the whole motion tracking element that takes VR to the next level. The element that draws the line between headsets like the HTC Vive (with motion tracking) and the Oculus Rift (without motion tracking). An element that the PSVR is unlikely to have. Basically all Microsoft would have to make is a headset with a screen, and “Kinect” it to the Kinect. This would blow any console competitors out of the water, and is something I can definitely see Microsoft doing and using to close the gap this console generation.


3. Cloud Gaming

Microsoft unveiled their new “Cloud Gaming” engine last year with the introduction of Crackdown 3. This system basically allows certain graphical assets in a game to be accessed over the internet, reducing the load on the console itself. With the Xbox One’s lack in graphical power, and the possibility that the rumored Xbox 1.5 is not improving on that, Cloud Gaming could allow the Xbox One to have a better VR graphical experience than the PS4.


If Xbox VR is indeed being developed, Microsoft has a second chance to make their mark on this console generation. This, their project “Scorpio”, and all of the points I’ve listed together could make Xbox a force to be reckoned with by this time next year.

Just a video game enthusiast that loves playing narrative driven games, but not as much as writing about them!

  • J.j. Barrington

    None of those are very good reasons.

  • jacksjus

    The Oculus and Vive are already out and it’s been crickets. End of the day it’s about he games, because neither the PS4 or XBox can match the power of a PC running VR.

    We’ll see what Games the PSVR brings because as I just stated it’s been quiet as far as VR is concerned.

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Xbox Scorpio has the best of everything. Controller, online, games, power and now VR.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Controller is subjective (funny how only Xbox troglodytes have issues with others), online has been flakier than PSN for a year, the Xbone’s exclusive lineup is a joke and now they’re mandating they should all be on PC in the future anyway. You think this’ll save you? You’re a joke.

      • angh

        I’m quite sure he was just joking. Some people needs /s I see;)

      • The controller thing is very subjective, I will say however even with the changes Sony did with the DS4, it still sucks.

        • J.j. Barrington

          Good for you.

        • J.j. Barrington

          So you say the controller thing is subjective, then amend it by saying something subjective?

          • Exactly. To me, the PS controller is not, as it always has been, a horrible design choice.

          • J.j. Barrington

            What about it makes it horrible?

  • Jason Mounce

    PC – Because X1 has a gimped GPU that can barely run current-gen games at 900p and be at par with PS4 multiplatforms. You expect it to run VR where the games are DOUBLED in that’s needing to be shown per eye and that X1 can perform that without looking like PS3 visuals?

    HAHAHAHAHA. Man, the delusions on those with Xbox bias.

    PC is the best VR field, this is not opinion, it is fact. Because you can upgrade your PC to compliment the demands of the VR, you are not allowed to go under 60-90FPS more or less with VR to preserve fluidity and comfortability of the wearer, thus, PSVR and what its going for is the best approach, but overall the best VR experience is, Vive, and is with PC because it is demanding. X1 is not a console that can provide the power. Lastly, as Vive is constructed with multiple sensors in your room for Augmented VR, saying “TEH KINECT” means nothing, it’s a single 3D webcam. It’s field and range in spatial detection (If you understand these simple concepts) would be highly crippled and barely understand the fluid motion your body can make on an X/Y/Z axis.

    Xbox One is Gimped in every single way, both in power and peripheral potential. I highly doubt, if the news of a ‘Xbox Scorpio’ or whatever it is comes out, that it will be successful. It’s just not in Xbox’s market of ‘fan interest’, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. People who buy Xbox buy it for COD/Fifa/Shooters and driving games, not for Power. The console that sells the most doesn’t have to be the strongest,but those who typically buy consoles aren’t as fanatic about fluidity and power as PC users. Console consumers want the all-round experience and an efficient experience with good software/exclusives, which is already something Xbox One is lacking since everything is just going to PC, even if behind Windows 10 / Store exclusivity.

    • Hvd

      hey jackas* most ps4 nad xbox one games cant even tell the difference between 1080p and 900p.remember battlefield hardline when even sony them selves went on satge and praise its being 1080p and they though the demo was 1080p and it was 900p.that right there tells you that most console gamers cant tell the difference.

      oh have fum with all the other cheater and hackers on pc and hope you AAA titles actually run..lmao.

      • Jason Mounce

        A childish introduction, let’s continue reading what jibberish you wrote.

        Most ‘casuals’ won’t tell a difference, that’s all well and good for their ignorance but if we’re going to think of it statistically. It was still inferior hardware at a higher launch price. There is no argument to say ‘This hardware is worth more money because–‘ If Sony could sell PS4 at $100 and with better hardware. No excuses.

        I couldn’t translate the rest of your comment because I don’t speak the language of idiots.

        • Hvd

          not as childish as your troll post.

          oh btw you idiotic pc gamers need to stop using that english line when you get showed up it makes you look stupid.

          • Jason Mounce

            Who knew cancer could get any worse, Hvd is evidence of this.

          • Hvd

            you got put in your place and now all you can do is troll…so sad what comes next the the stupid do you speak englise come back the you dumb pc gamers do?

          • empirebuilder1

            I’ve seen him around, he’s one of the absolute worst trolls around. Pretty sure he’s 8 or so. I’d just ignore him, there’s no brain left in him.

          • Jason Mounce

            Don’t even label him a troll, please, that’d merely be a compliment to him no doubt. Retards like him feed off the aura that he thinks he’s a funny troll or that he’s ‘successfully trolling’ and being hip with what moronic children find funny these days. He simply has chosen to be mentally retarded on the internet as per the usual saying: “You can be whatever you want to be on the internet”, he? Chose to be retarded. Not a troll.

            Retards act retarded, trolls cleverly try to get under your skin with deception for entertainment.

      • aeris bueller

        I love all the people who complain about cheaters and hackers on pc, who have clearly never played a PC game. I think I’ve experienced one cheater in my decades of pc gaming. In exchange for that less than 2 minutes of ‘oh weird, that guys cheating’, I get visuals so far beyond XBox One it’d make your head spin, even with VR. My machine is constantly getting upgraded whenever I feel like it, not when Sony of MS dictates, and all this cross-game chat didn’t even have a name because it existed so long before any console players even realized they wanted it. This is all for free mind you. I also don’t pay to play online, and my online experience is superior. That, and I have backwards compatibility with all PC games ever made, and most consoles through emulation. The one or two times when consoles do something first, like the save the last 10 minutes of gameplay thing, it gets patched into my graphics cards drivers a couple of weeks later, again for free. I mean, I’m not normally about the ‘console peasants’ thing, but when console people try to diss PC it’s just laughable.

  • Hvd

    the Oculus Rift destroys psvr.with the pc ports xbox gets its going to destroy anything ps4 neo has to offer.

  • Barry Harden

    This is a fucking joke right? XBone has the best “foundation”?
    Wasn’t the Oculus demo with XBone streaming a joke that nobody could stop laughing at?

  • Revolver Ocelot

    With what? Estimates for a console a year and a half away? LOL!

  • aeris bueller

    I know I’m a bit late to the party, but why in the world would the ultra weak XBox One be capable of a decent VR experience? Nothing you listed matters in the face of the abysmally weak performance of the console. Maybe the Scorpio or whatever, but XBox One for VR?, maybe for games that look like they belong on N64.