Opinion: The Next Call of Duty Needs to be MW4, and Should Learn from Treyarch’s Mistakes


Alright, let’s face it. Call of Duty has been playing catchup with itself since Black Ops 2. Ghosts was disappointing at best, Advanced Warfare was OK, and Black Ops 3, even though I’d say it’s the better of the latter two, still hasn’t reached as high as Activision would have hoped. So, as a long time fan of the Call of Duty franchise, I think it’s time for Modern Warfare 4. Let me tell you why.

Disclaimer: This is an opinion based article, meaning that everything you’re about to read involves MY opinion of the franchise being mentioned. This topic is open to discussion in every way possible, and in NO WAY means that my opinion is the best or that everyone should adopt it. It’s just simply, my opinion. So I ask you not to tear me a new one in the comments section, ye loyal internet dwellers, but to leave your opinion, and what you think of the article when your done reading. Alright, let’s do this.

Black Ops 3 is like a double-edged sword. Even though it’s the best Call of Duty we’ve had in the last couple years, it’s still nowhere near as great as Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops 2. It adds a lot to the table, but doesn’t really hit the sweet spot. It’s not bad by any means, but it definitely isn’t as great as it could be. But why? Black Ops 3 had good advertising, exciting teasers and trailers, and LOTS of hype before it even released, nonetheless came into the publics hands. Well maybe that was the problem.

Like I said, Activision advertised the heck out of Black Ops 3. Through its traditional Mountain Dew and Doritos methods, to its Twitter feed, and to its TV blocks. In fact, they did it very similarly to the way they did it in Black Ops 2. And here lies the problem. Black Ops 3 isn’t just Black Ops 2 with jetpacks, it’s (more or less) a new iteration of the franchise with new gameplay mechanics, new modes, and new stories. Even though you could argue that it’s very similar to other Call of Duty’s, It isn’t supposed to be a Black Ops 2 “2”, it’s supposed to be a new game that shows improvement from its predecessor. This is where, I think, they messed up. Black Ops 3 is not a clone from its predecessor, and shouldn’t have been advertised as if it is. Activision should have went that extra mile to showcase the reasons why it’s different this time around, not more of the same.

Ok, so why am I telling you this. What do BO3’s shortcomings in its advertising and originality have to do with Modern Warfare 4, which I haven’t even mentioned yet. I’m telling you this because the next Call of Duty needs to be Modern Warfare 4, and because Infinity Ward can learn from Treyarch’s mistakes. I’ve always seen the Modern Warfare series as something new each time, like a refresher every new game, and not all of the same. Even in Modern Warfare 3, the low point in the Modern Warfare series, I had the same feeling. Now whether Infinity Ward was just really good at tricking me that there was a difference, or if there actually was, I don’t know. But I always felt something different each time around. And that kept me hooked. This definitely isn’t to say that Black Ops 3 feels JUST like Black Ops 2, but that the Modern Warfare series has always done a better job of showcasing the new, and not just the same in its gameplay and advertising. Modern Warfare 4 is what I want, and what a lot of other people want as well. And honestly, if the next Call of Duty is an Advanced Warfare 2 or, lord help me, a Ghosts 2, I might quit the franchise all together, because that’s just not what I’m looking for in Activision’s next triple A shooter.

Oh yeah, and can we cut the whole “jetpack gameplay” out please? I didn’t fall in love with Call of Duty because of its booster packs and jetpack jumps, I fell in love with it because of it’s addicting gameplay. If I wanted to play that kind of game, I’d go buy Titanfall.


And that’s my opinion.


What do you think? Do you want Infinity Ward to make a Modern Warfare 4, or do you want something more like an Advanced Warfare or Ghosts for the next COD? Let us know in the comments section below!

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