2016 Game Predictions!


So every year I like to do a predictions list for the site. Lasts years were hit and miss but I did get a couple correct. This year, I decided to ask a couple other writers to bring in their predictions as well. Some are feasible and some will be a bit out there, but we are having fun.

You can see my 2015 predictions here:

HEY! I GOT A FEW RIGHT!!! Anyways…onto the list!


Nintendo NX Will Release in 2016 and Will Be Bundled with The Legend of Zelda

Let’s be honest. Nintendo needs high sales of their new console and the likelihood of the next Wii Sports or Nintendo Land being able to push units out the door are very slim. The next Zelda installment, that was supposed to be out for the Wii U, is the best chance that we know of at this point. It would be a gamble for sure but if Nintendo wants to be taken a little more seriously this time around, this would be a great way to do it.


No Man’s Sky Will Release, Sell, and Be Forgotten About Quickly

Trust us, we don’t want it to be true, but we have to look at it from a realistic point of view. We have a very ambitious game that takes us to worlds for as long as we want, allegedly. The problem could come in that there is no real objective that we know of besides some space battles if the videos we have seen are any indication, but past that we are not sure what is going to keep us playing. Games like Titanfall and Evolve that had an online only stance only lasted in popularity so long as players were simply doing the same thing, with the same objectives.

Once again, hopefully this is wrong because it looks like it’s going to be awesome!


Final Fantasy XV will release in 2016…and So Will the First Part of Final Fantasy VII

It’s kind of strange that I would lump a game that has taken a decade to come out and a game that people wanted to be announced for a decade at least. Even stranger is that FF VII can be played in some respect in some way within a year. People that are not digging the plan for Final Fantasy VII to be episodic should just be glad they probably won’t have to wait another ten years for it.


Reboot, Remaster, Re-Do…Whatever

The popular trend for the last year is bringing old and not-so-old games to the current gen platforms. We don’t see that trend ending anytime soon. This came from the NuGame writers as well, not just myself.

In general, we all agreed that it was going to be another remake/remaster announcement year.

Dan Trock- “So, y’know, some Metal Gear games, God of War maybe, wouldn’t mind Soul Calibur 3 coming back, that kind of stuff. Steam ports would be nice on those, but that’s only because I’m a PC gamer primarily and just want to play them.”

Ray Turner- “Would not be surprised to see Nintendo start doing a few remasters of Wii titles for the Wii U, [and probably]announce a few remasters for the NX launch in November.”

The Wii U games coming out for NX is a huge possibility given that many probably haven’t enjoyed some of the Wii U games. Of course there is the possibility that the NX will play Wii U games anyways.

If I were a betting man, I would probably say that the Mass Effect Trilogy will come out for PS4 and Xbox One before Andromeda releases.

Also, don’t be surprised if you see the Kingdom Hearts games come to those consoles as well as they came out for the PS3 lately and not the new consoles which still baffles me.


A New Burnout Game Gets Announced

It’s time. Need for Speed franchise isn’t what is used to be and EA needs something else in the racing category. While the original developers won’t be a part of it anymore, someone else can take the reins. Let’s just hope they know how the Burnout franchise ticks. I will go on record and say that Burnout Revenge is one of the best arcade racing games around.


Xbox Slim and PS4 model with a 2 Terabyte Hard Drive Will Come Out

There is no real rhyme or reason behind this. I just happened to be at a game store and noticed that they were selling hard drives with extra space for each of the consoles. It is a need for these consoles as some game take between 30-40 Gigs of space each. Xbox One is a bit of a tank as well, so it would make sense that they may be looking at making it better looking like they did with the 360.


PlayStation VR will come out at $249.99

The reasonable price would be $199.99 but I would count on Sony using the PS4’s popularity to get the most money out of VR. Chances are it will be higher than this but I am trying to remain optimistic.

i-don-t-want-the-last-of-us-2-with-or-without-joel-ellie-the-last-of-us-2-496182The Last of Us 2

I think it’s fair to say that The Last of Us was a hit for Naughty Dog and Sony, so it makes sense to come back to the source. Having said that, I hope it is not more of the Joel and Ellie story. Instead, I wouldn’t mind seeing another set of characters in this universe, or if we they had to because of demand, keep Ellie around but make her the main playable character this time around.

b3Borderlands 3 Officially Announced

It is inevitable that this game will be announced at some point because we already know they are working on it. However, with Battleborn being up in the air at this point for consumers and how they feel about it, and that they just opened a new studio for that matter, they probably can’t get it out fast enough. Not only that, but don’t expect it to take place on Pandora again as a new setting may do the franchise good…that and the way the second entry ended.

saints_row_4___fan_art_saints_fleur_by_alphaprimesaviour-d6jh2knSaints Row the 5th Announced

I may be in the minority but I think the franchise hit its stride with the third game. The goofier that plot and mayhem in Saints Row is, the better the game. Don’t get me wrong, GTA is great, but I need something that I can just sit and play and not have to worry about the plot line. With the rerelease of the fourth game on current gen platforms, the developers and probably testing the waters for the next entry.

logo_pd_03_bigPerfect Dark Gets a Reboot

This may be way out in left field, but the last Perfect Dark…well, sucked. Microsoft and Rare have to be working on something besides Killer Instinct add-ons and Perfect Dark for the Xbox One has so much potential going for it. I find it hard to believe that this franchise is dead when never properly ever given a fair shot the last time.

CoDCall of Duty Comes Back to Modern Warfare

It’s Infinity Ward’s turn in 2016 for the COD series. Ghosts didn’t exactly reach critical praise, or even consumer praise for that matter. A few years ago, an Infinity Ward rep said that, “They didn’t want to do what was expected. They wanted to do what was right.” It’s clear they are aware of the want and maybe it’s time to go back to the modern era.

wewy‘The World Ends with You’ Sequel Unveiled

I have no real reason behind this other than I really want it, and so do others probably. If I had to make a case for it, it would be because this game keeps getting released on other platforms like cell phones and such. “The World Ends with You” was such an overlooked game and a cult hit that is would seem like a chance should be taken. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out on Nintendo’s next console if the patent for the controller is any indication.

Some of these may be obvious bit I never claimed to be that creative either. What do you think? What do you want to happen or think will? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I agree on No Mans Sky. I think that game will be overly hyped, even more so than it already is, but it’s going to launch and fizzle. Which is sad, it has a wonderful premise and could be so very good.

    A new Burnout game, in the style of Burnout Paradise would be spectacular. Paradise was my favorite xbox 360 game. And a new Modern Warfare COD would be cool too.