Anime Reviews for Week Ending May 14th, 2016




MY HERO ACADEMIA EP. #6-Rage, You Damn Nerd


It is now known that All Might is a teacher at UA by everyone and with that smile comes with another test that Izuku must figure out how to achieve. We now know that we can use some of his power without damaging his body completely, but it has come to the point to control it completely, or at least that’s what Izuku hopes.

If there is one thing that superheroes have in common is that they have a hero costume, and Izuku’s is, well, unique to say the least as characteristics of All Might are fairly obvious.

While this was not the best episode, it was a good one none the less. Izuku now has a friend in Ochaku and Tenya at the very least, but as his friends grow in numbers, the more jealous Katsuki gets and we see his frustration come to a head in this episode.



BAKUON!! EP. #6- Prep!!


Before I go into this particular episode, I do want to say that I appreciate the moral trying to be made using old model motorcycles and that over time, even the roughest model can shine with the right parts and tuning. Unfortunately, that is the only thing this episode had going for it.

The majority of the episode was about modifying bikes and how some parts, even though they shine bright on the box, don’t do what you may want them to do. All the girls are preparing for a race during a festival, and per usual, Rin and Onsa are determined to prove which manufacturer is supreme. It will be interesting how the actual race pans out and if any of the egos will get bruised.

On a side note, there is an odd backstory concerning Raimu Kawasaki and the principal of the girl’s school from when they were younger. It was somewhat entertaining at best, but served no real purpose, for the episode or the character. It just seemed to be filler for an episode that didn’t have much to say.



HUNDRED EP. #6-The Diva’s Love Song


Well then, that escalated quickly.

Picking up a little bit of time from where the last episode left off, Hayato has begun his attack of the Savage that ran bus full of people of the road. Impressively, Hayato managed to hold his own without the help of his Hundred.

As a whole, I am not the biggest fan of this particular anime because the characters just seem to be carbon copies of other characters from shows like these. Having said that, we now have some plot progression as the three variants that we came across a couple of episodes back are now at the forefront, and they are interesting to say the least.

While the first half of the episode had a lot of action with Hayato and Emilia, we also have a better look at other characters’ abilities; Sakura, Fritz, and Reitia, the other half is more about Sakura and her ability to influence with her voice. We are treated to a lovely concert performance with beautiful visuals.

If you are a fan of this show, don’t worry as you have a fun moment at the end during the credits that dive into the love rectangle that Hayato is in. Poor Hayato…how does he manage?

This is probably the best episode so far, let’s hope that they can keep that momentum up.



Kiznaiver Ep. #6- Nothing Good Comes from Being…


Finally, we find out what the deal is with Honoka and her standoff-ish approach to people. Well, let me back track a second.

This episode went deeper into the group now being able to feel “the pain in someone’s heart. This episode is very crucial to the series for a couple of reasons. One of which is because it deals with Honoka Maki’s past and what she has been hiding from her group and the public itself. You will find out what I mean by that, but let’s just say she wasn’t lying; we just don’t know how exactly.

The second is that Katsuhira, the boy who could not feel pain at the beginning of the series, is not susceptible to the new found pain found within everyone else. Needless to say, he does not enjoy it. Not only that, I am not sure that he understands it either. Katsuhira, while essential, is a very quiet character and it is good to see him get angry (in his own way).



Bungo Stray Dogs Ep. #6- The Azure Messenger



In what appeared to be another standalone episode, the main three characters; Osamu, Doppo, and Atsushi, take on a case involving kidnappings around bus stations in Yokohama. It was a relief this time around that the writers didn’t bother introducing a new character and their ability like they have in the past.

The episode started out as just another case that The Agency was set as Osamu was being weird again with his obsession with suicide that ultimately annoys Doppo as he was trying to stick to his schedule.

“Why are two such incompatible people a team?” Good point there, as Atsushi wonders the same thing. I’m sure there is a long drawn out reason for it, but this episode doesn’t have the time to get into it as there is a suspect right under their noses that may or may not have ties to the Port Mafia.

The ending action scene was very impressive and much more exciting than the third episode. Overall, this episode was very engaging which is more than I could say for the others at this point. While I do have my favorite this season so far, Bungo Stray Dogs isn’t far behind



Anne-Happy Ep. #6- A Field Trip with Everyone



Before I get into this episode, I just want to say that I get hungry whenever I see anime food on screen.

Okay, now that I have said that, let’s get on with it. Sometimes you have to lay back and just take things for what they are. This kind of show is not usually what I would watch, but to review all the different kinds I have to look at it from another perspective. Having said that, I thought this episode was good.

This is definitely a set of girls that have the worst karma, and it is perpetuated this time around as the class goes on field trip that may “give them better luck”. We’ll see about that. It is also an episode where all five of the girls are united in a common goal.

I won’t give too much away, but I will say that their teacher, Kodaira may be a bit of a bad ass.



Super Lovers #6- Cloudy Sky


This episode bored me. While I am not still sure what is going on with Haru in terms of his sexuality, I am not sure if he is just simply goofing around with his Ren in terms of flirting or what, and this episode does nothing more than confuse me even more.

I really don’t understand why people care so much if Ren is living with Haru regardless of his lack of blood relation in the family. What makes it even worse is the introduction of Kiyoka. I can already tell that I am going to loathe this character and her obsession with wanting Haru to talk to an old love that he hasn’t seen in six years.

That’s it. Nothing more was really established other than Kiyoka and how she knows Haru. We still have the old element of Ren questioning whether or not he should be there, but that isn’t really new now is it?


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