Why Switching to PC Gaming isn’t such a Bad Idea…


In this day and age, gamers have a choice of which console they are going to spend their next couple years playing on. They choose between Sony’s line of “for gamers, by gamers” PlayStation consoles and Xbox’s more, “entertainment centric” product line. And, unless you can afford both, it can be a struggle to choose just one. Well, there is another option. The world of PC Gaming.

These are the top reasons why switching to PC Gaming, isn’t such a bad idea.

Note: This list won’t really be mentioning Nintendo’s consoles much, as the Wii U will be getting its own article similar to this one soon.

Console Price vs Gaming PC Price
If you take a visit to GameStop’s website, you can find the 500GB model Xbox One for 349.99 USD, and the 500Gb model PlayStation 4 for the same price. Although they aren’t as expensive as they could be, you can build a PC that is faster and more powerful than Microsoft or Sony’s consoles for cheaper. But, as building a PC can be a little tedious for the inexperienced, you can also buy a pre-built one online. Even though building one yourself would cost you substantially less, you’re still likely to spend less on a powerful gaming pc, than a current gen console. We’re talking about gaming DESKTOPS by the way, since gaming laptops can be very overpriced.
Steam and Other PC Game Sales
If you were to get into PC Gaming today, you would log on Steam and find its annual Winter Sale. A sale that involves a massive amount of games, being sold for dirt cheap. Heck, just today (January 2nd, 2016) you can get Shadow of Mordor for 17.99, Portal 2 for 3.99, Dishonored for 4.99, and ALL THREE of the Bioshock games for 10.50. That’s SEVEN awesome games that you could own in YOUR library, for only 38 dollars. Now, this isn’t to say that Xbox and PlayStation don’t have their nice gaming sales, they do. But they just can’t reach the magnitude of Steam and their discounts. Not to mention that Steam tends to have at least four of this sales a year. Now that’s just awesome.
Steam Sale
Steam’s 2015 Winter Sale, as of January 2nd, 2015.
The Library of Games
As of February 2015, over 4,500 games are available on Steam. And you can probably guarantee that this figure from almost a year ago has grown a lot. So probably more like, 9,000 games, as a guesstimate. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4 combined, there are about 580 games. You can see the difference. Not only that, but Steam has titles from THIS generation of games, the LAST generation of games, AND the generation BEFORE that one! And they are ALL available to play on a PC right now! To get all these titles, a person would have to buy at least 3 different consoles from Sony or Microsoft, and try to find the disc for the games they want, since not a lot of PS2 or original Xbox games are being sold these days.
No Fees to Play Online
On Sony and Microsoft’s newest consoles, a payment of 59.99 USD a year is required for players to game online. This comes through Sony’s PlayStation Plus, and Microsoft’s Xbox Live services. This can get tedious when you don’t have a lot of funds, because it often comes down to getting a game, or Xbox Live/PS Plus, and you’re pretty much forced to choose the latter.
On PC, this simply doesn’t exist. You can buy a Call of Duty game, or any game that is, and play online forever. You will never be encountered with a fee to play over the internet. Unless you are involved in some sort of membership based game, this can save you at least 60 bucks a year.
It’s not Just a Gaming Console, its also a Computer
Getting a Xbox One or PS4 almost locks you into having to play games, although they both have their entertainment options, they are no match for the things you can accomplish on a PC. If you don’t want to play a game, you can produce a movie, make a website, start a vlog, produce music, or even create your own videogame all on your PC! Consoles can’t match what the PC has to offer outside of the gaming world.
So, if you’re willing to trade in that controller for a shiny new keyboard and mouse, PC Gaming has a lot to offer. You can expect to spend a lot less money with no yearly membership, cheap games, and a PC that is probably cheaper than a console.

Just a video game enthusiast that loves playing narrative driven games, but not as much as writing about them!

  • I agree that PC gaming is a wonderful thing, and I really wish I had a PC that was capable of it but alas I can only play Solitaire. Console gaming is my main form of gaming, and while it may not always offer me the overall best experience of a game, it does offer me, most of the time, the easiest avenue to play.

    The above, as well as Nintendo titles are not most times ‘legally’ available on PC.

    • Hvd

      so staring at a 22″ monitor is better then a 50″ tv?dealing with crashes,errors,driver issues,part failures a pc mother board can die with in 2 months,constant up grading to stay ahead of requirements,chair vs your couch just for a little better gaming experience and that is opinion btw.get ready to drop 800-1000 for a decent gaming pc that will last you 3-5 years if no parts fail..then you will have to up grade again.

      these consoles will last for 8-10 years.i have both pc/xbox one and i continue to struggle with wanting to up grade my pc.i perfer ease of play on a big tv.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Switching? No thanks.

    Including? That would make more sense, wouldn’t it?

    Here’s the thing: I have a laptop I use for school and recreation. Though desktops are cool, I don’t really need one, and I’m not about to go buy yet another laptop so I can game. If I want to game, I do what I’ve done for the whole of my life, and get dedicated gaming devices.

    I can see the positives of getting into PC gaming. However, there’s another very important issue: my favorite genre isn’t well represented there, nor are most of my favorite franchises or developers. And while it’s true that there are devs only on PC that I’m certain I’d come to love, as well, that’s not worth no longer playing titles from those I’ve loved for a decade or more.

    So yes, PC has its benefits, and ADDING a gaming PC wouldn’t be “such a bad idea.” Switching, however, is a horrible suggestion.

    • Brendan Allen

      A horrible suggestion for you, yes. But as different people have different opinions, this isn’t true for everyone. This article isn’t designed for dedicated console gamers, it’s directed towards people who may not have enough money to pay for a console and it’s expenses. I have a Xbox One and PC, I’m obviously not saying everyone should switch to PC, as I actually haven’t. I’m just highlighting reasons for people who are interested.

    • Hvd

      i hate when we agree dang it…lol you should read my other poast.

  • Addy Marie

    Sorry, but I have no intention on switching to a PC. That’s just me personally. I find it way to expensive and I’m far to lazy to do upgrades. I love that consoles are pretty much a plug and play. Console gaming is easier and cheaper. Like mobile gaming….I just can’t see myself ever using a PC as my main source of gaming.

    • Hvd

      it is they say cheaper games but it a lie.they use black market cdkey sites..a AAA title on steam is $50 at launch same as console.and the constant upgradeing is just a money sink.

  • William Larsson

    I’ll switch soon to PC as the current gen systems have yet to really impress me. So far I only have a Wii U out of the three just because I love the games Nintendo make. Sure, I’ll miss out on Horizon, The Last Guardian and Uncharted, but other than that I don’t feel like I’ll be missing anything major, because I’m sure that FF15 will come to PC sooner rather then later and all the other exclusives don’t seem to be must-have games in my eyes.

    • Hvd

      have fun wit the hassle and constant up grading.if thats something you want to deal with go ahead.you have no idea what you are getting in to.

  • Josué B. Hernández

    Why Switch? Why not play on both?

  • Tha Truth

    Nobody is missing out on anything by avoiding a trash platform like the PC. It gets practically zero exclusive developer support and has mostly broken, inferior versions of AAA games like Arkham Knight.
    Consoles don’t just get more exclusive titles than the PC but they get far higher quality games too, Metacritic proves this. Having a PC in addition to owning a console makes sense, but it’d take a special kind of idiot to use a PC instead of a console.

    • Hvd

      at it again..lol

  • Hvd

    console gaming is still better.

    1 fps’s dont die within 6 months like pc.lol

    2. 22″ monitor vs 50″tv enough said.(no real pc gamer uses a tv.

    3. couch vs chair.winner couch.

    4. ease of use.no issues,no up upgrades,no crashes,errors,no driver issues,no requirements to worry about,parts fail faster on pc i could go on and on.

    5.controller vs keyboard/mouse,controller wins,

    6.console is cheaper then pc even games even tho they lie and say pc games are cheaper.console gamers dont use black market cd key sites like g2a,gmg, and kinguin.which that sell stolen cd keys.

    7.xbox live is the best multiplayer network around.

    8. game are optimized for consoles.then pc ges the crappy ports..lol

    i could go on and on.

    • I’m a console gamer, and I have to take issue with a few of your points.

      3) I cannot sit on a couch and play a game, I game on a 42inch TV and I don’t like being further than 4-5 feet away from it.

      4) Ease of use? No issues? Are you daft? No Crashes(no errors)? Again, what console are you playing? I’ll give you the drivers issues, and somewhat no requirements to worry about. The parts failing faster on PC? Do you even know what a Xbox One or Ps4 is made of? Yup, PC parts which can fail just as quickly as a standard PC can.

      6) Steam Sales

      7) Steam is free. PC online is free.

      8) Minecraft was a shite port on Xbox 360. Any popular PC title including but not limited to Crysis, HalfLife, Battlefield, The Sims, Doom, etc etc etc were all better on PC and shite ports over to console.

      You could go one and on, but you’d just give people more proof that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

      • Hvd

        1. ifyou can not sit on a couch that a you problem not everyone else

        2.push a button on a console is hard?do you know how to build a pc or would you just buy one form best buy or something?yes parts fail on a pc a mother board can go bad with in 2 months hardrive can fail with in 3 years..ect..ect. and stop comparing consoles to pc.i dont see you comparing the wii to it.

        3. steam sales i guess you dont play AAA titles at launch they are $60 on steam same as consoles.yes there are sale but as a cionsole gamer you know there is xbox live and psn sales and i know xbox live gets free games as well as sales steam doesnt.if yoy feel like wating 6 months to a year to play those AAA exclusive you go ahead.

        4..yes stesam is free and it gets hacked.did you not see the christmas debacle that showed all their account info down to credit card info and it wasnt even a hack.

        5 you are talking abiut OLD games except battlefield you can play the sims ona labtop as well as mindcraft.no and i dont care for those games except for battlefield 4.fyi fps shooters are dean on pc after 6 months of release.thats why i get them on console. they will least till the next launch.

        hope i helped you are going to be mad when you pc messes up hand you have no clue how to fix it.i built my pc from the ground up its not high end and id still rather play games on the console.you are in for an eye opener when thing go worng on pc .consoles start and shut down thats it.

        • A motherboard can go bad after 2 months… Guess what your Xbox One or Ps4 has in it? That’s right again, a PC motherboard just like your PC has. And the reason I didn’t talk about the Wii, well, see, the Wii came out back in 2006, Why would I compare a brand new PC to 10 year old hardware? And no, I don’t have issue waiting to play games because I have a thing called a life and plenty of other stuff to do. Oddly enough, I have a lot of games in my back catalog that I haven’t played yet.

          Oh yeah, I must have missed this part… I don’t limit myself to just ‘AAA’ titles, I have a open mind when it comes to games. I play what I find fun, and some of the most fun games I have ever played were not big budget titles.

          • Hvd

            my ps3 land xbox 360 lasted 10 years with no problems while my pc has ad hardrive failure,psu failer.ect..ect.as i said pc parts fail .fyi AAA titles is where its at.i dont care for esports or the sims or mindcraft.you can do all that on a lab top.there you go comparing a console to a pc again.

            you dont compare a lab top or tablet to a pc even tho they play games right? and you know you dont.stop comparing consoles to pc.

            buy the things you are saying you have obviously never had a gaming pc or built one.if you had a pc it was an old one you bought from best but or something and upgraded.then it died.if you havent had a pc before you are in for a rude awakening. since you dont know how to trouble shoot a pc.

            the pc isnt just about playing games on.it can work fine for a while and then a crap storm happens.its why i prefer console gaming over it sa i said is simple.you pc WILL die and you have no way of telling if its the psu,motherboard,cpu or ram.if a console dies you can buy another one

          • Brendan Allen

            I’ve had the same gaming PC for 7 years. I built it myself, and I’ve only had to replace one cheap part in it’s entire lifetime. It’s very high end, and performs far better than the Xbox One or PS4. The PC cost me 450 dollars, 7 years ago. Many years before the Xbox One and PS4 even existed. It has never “failed” as you keep suggesting, and you obviously know nothing about Gaming PC or even consoles. A console IS a PC. The only difference is it isn’t running Windows, and the parts aren’t interchangeable. It has ALL the same parts. And do you even know what a AAA title is? It’s simply a title created by a popular publisher. The fact that a game is AAA or not has NOTHING to do with the game’s quality and how well it’s received. I’ve played many non-AAA titles that are much better than a lot of AAA titles out there. Like I said, you have no idea what you’re talking about. The only real physical difference between a PC and PS4/Xbox One, is that when a part fails on a X1 or PS4, which happens all the time by the way, you can’t replace it. You have to go buy another new console. PC and Console are both great things to experience and both have their ups and downs, but no one is interested in your childish statements that have nothing to do with anything. And, by the way, you can’t tell me a console doesn’t fail. Really? Do you not remember what the red ring of death is? Or the Playstation’s blue light? Like i said, you’re argument is just stupid.

          • I’m happy for you that your Xbox 360 and PS3 lasted 10 years, which is a feat as the PS3 hasn’t been out 10 years(Nov 2006). My first Xbox 360 died 8 months in, and my ps3 died 2 years in. I’ve never had a PC croak on me.

            And yes, I wont compare a ‘lab top’ to another, as I don’t know what a ‘lab top’ is. I do however, know what a Laptop PC is, keyword there being PC, as I have 3 of them, and yes all 3 can and do play games.

            I admit, I’ve never built a dedicated gaming machine, but I have built PCs before, and it’s not terribly difficult to do. As for no way to tell what is wrong on the PC if it has problems, I guess I’m in the minority of people then that have a brain, and know how to troubleshoot stuff and with PC, unlike consoles, I can easily, and without voiding any warranties, fix, replace, and upgrade my PC without issue.

            So, let me say this, I am a mainly console gamer, I like the mostly ease of use that a console gives me, but to say a console is superior to a PC in any way(minus maybe initial cost), is absurd.

          • Hvd

            well all i can say is a few years down the road when you pc goes to crap needs upgradeing and you have no clue what to do.you will remember this.get mad and say i should have stayed console gaming.

            you gar just going to buy a pre built pc with no knowledge how to troubleshoot software issues or part failures.you would even know what to do if it was working fine one day and wont power on the next.

            but more power to you if your going to waste all that money on a pc with no knowledge of how it works just so you can play the same games you are playing now.

            you mine as well buy an i power pc for $800 or more and when it dies buy another.

            good luck to you

          • Guess you missed the part where I said I know wtf I’m talking about and doing? I sometimes like to talk to brick walls that have little to no understanding of what’s going on. That’s what talking to you is.

          • Hvd

            you dont know what you are talking about.you said you wanted to get in to pc gameing and that you are a console gamer for the most part and you never built a gaming pc.any moron can put a cpu in a motherboard its not that hard.

          • I never said I wanted to get into PC gaming, I also said I am pretty well adept at diagnosing and fixing whatever ails my PCs. I’ll give you a hint, building a gaming PC isn’t really that much different than a regular PC. Microsoft built one and called it an Xbox.