Top 10 Xbox 360 Games over the Past 10 years


Ten years ago, Microsoft cut short their Xbox’s life span for that whatever reason may be and released the Xbox 360 onto the world. Many in the gaming world consider this console to be a very important and influential system for the modern era of gaming, no one can argue that the Xbox 360 did bring a lot of unforgettable ideas to the table and the changes it ushered in will not be soon forgotten.

So much of what we love about gaming may not have started on the Xbox 360, but Microsoft did perfect a lot of things with it, including but not really limited to achievements, integrated online game play, online communities, indie games, and much more.

For the systems 10th anniversary we’ve put together a Top 10 list of games that were released for the console, and here they are. Remember, this list is only our opinion so if we left out your favorite game, it’s okay, we’re sorry.

10. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
– Back in 2007 when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare first released, it was a shining example of what first person shooter genre was going to become on consoles. A short, but interesting single player campaign coupled with an engaging, competitive multiplayer with varying play modes, persistent statistics, and a lot of trash talking amongst players. Call of Duty 4 launched the successful Call of Duty franchise into overdrive and helped usher in the age of annual Call of Duty games. This game, in many opinion, still has not been out done by any other Call of Duty Game.

09. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
– Sprawling open worlds, endless amounts of quests, engaging story line, with nonstop action, this edition of the Elder Scrolls is probably one of the top open world RPG available anywhere. It is still a favorite among gamers, and probably will be for a really long time, which is how long it takes to completely finish the game.

08. Dark Souls
– A game like few other, a game that intends on killing you in the most painful way possible, Dark Souls is RPG that delights in frustrating you. Built for the gamer who likes a die-hard, and time-consuming game that really goes contrary to most games. If you like action-rpgs, it is a must own.

07. Lost Odyssey
– With a long, arduous campaign filled with a story that builds characters up to the very end, Lost Odyssey was an odd duck on the Xbox 360 with a rather large gap when it comes to JRPGs. Great turn-based strategy, wonderful story, great music, and wonderful presentation this is 40 hours worth of game that every RPG fan, and every gamer should try at least once.

06. Bayonetta
– Is that Devil May Cry with a girl? No, Bayonetta blows most of the games in this genre out of the water with her bad ass attitude and epic amounts of hair. A must own game in the action hack-n-slash genre, this version of the game should be in every gamers library.

05. Alan Wake
– A thrilling, and atmospheric action adventure game that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout with one of the best stories in gaming, with simple and fun-filled game play with excellent graphics. Atmosphere, and sound will surprise and thrill you throughout.

04. Gears of War
– Run, Duck, Cover, Shoot, Run, Duck, Cover, Shoot. Gears of War was this and so much more. With the introduction of this franchise, the Xbox had another must own exclusive on its hands for any shooter fan. The entire Gears of War franchise was spectacular enough to entice even people who were not third person shooter fans(me) into the genre, the first game in the series is what started it all. While it is the shortest when it comes to the campaign, its multiplayer is still regarded today as the best in the series. Join Marcus Fenix and the rest of Delta Squad and fight against hordes of the Locust.

03. Red Dead Redemption
– Simply a masterpiece of a game. The world is beautifully crafted and the story is engaging. With a wide variety of mission types, a cast of likable characters, with great voice acting and graphics. This open world action game will place you in the wild west, and dare you not to have fun.

02. Mass Effect 2
– A Sci-Fi third person action RPG shooter game. What a mouthful, and it is that and so much more. With the ability to have what you do actually matter in the story of a game, Mass Effect 2 did what the first game started, and improved on it in every way. With a cinematic, epic, and engaging story line that you control, this game is a must have for any RPG fan.

01. Halo 3
– Before Call of Duty 4 took the stage in 2007, and converted everyone over to its power. Halo 4 ruled the Xbox Live airwaves, with an engaging, thrilling, finish the fight Co-Op campaign, coupled with multiple play types in its multiplayer, along with everyone’s favorite Forge Mode, Halo 3 was the total package that hadn’t been seen before. If you haven’t ‘finished’ Master Chiefs fight yet, you’re missing out on a spectacular piece of Xbox gaming history.

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