Good Deals: Week of 9/5/2016 (UPDATE 2)


Happy Labor Day! You know why they say you shouldn’t wear white after labor day? Apparently, it harkens back to an old tradition where you would only wear bright colors in the summer months, since bright colors reflect sunlight and dark colors absorb it. Which is dumb, because September can still be really hot. Anyways, deals.


Steam’s got 302 products on sale in this week’s Weeklong Deals. Notable inclusions are:

Screencheat – 50% off, for $7.49

Nihilumbra – 70% off, for $2.39


Steam has begun a midweek Borderlands franchise sale. The games are up to 85% off, though I’d say the best deal is the triple pack, which gets you all three games plus DLC for about $13.


Green Man Gaming is running a “Weird and Wonderful” theme sale, featuring games that are, well, weird, such as I am Bread, Costume Quest, Psychonauts, and Stick it to the Man.


Bundle Stars is, surprisingly, the only retailer doing a Labor Day sale, with deals on some big name games like Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight, indie games like Surgeon Simulator and Lethal League, and a bunch of bargain bin stuff no one’s ever heard of.


The Humble Store is determined to not let summer go without a fight in their End of Summer Sale. In addition to deals on a variety of miscellaneous games, there are publisher sales on Kalypso, 2K, Activision, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Paradox, and Capcom games, as well as a theme sale on Star Wars games. Also, until Saturday, September 10th at 10 AM Pacific, you can grab a copy of Tropico 4 for free. This sale will last until Thursday, September 22nd. No idea if more free games will be given out down the line. We can only hope.

Maybe I’m naive, but I’d think Labor Day would be an occasion for sales. Oh well, check back later in the week.

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