Good Deals: Week of 8/29/2016 (UPDATE)


Boy, it’s hot out today, at least where I am. Looks like Summer’s doing its best for one last hurrah before Fall sets in. For those of you with AC, it’s good time to stay inside with some cheap games.


Steam’s got 330 products on sale for this week’s Weeklong Deals. Notable inclusions are:

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – 80% off, for $2.99

Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition – 75% off, for $4.99

Influent – 50% off, for $4.99



Green Man Gaming has begun an Intel i7-themed sale, which entails games that, I guess, run really well on an Intel i7 processor. This includes games like Rainbow Six, Far Cry Primal, and Rocket League, though more notably the lowest recorded prices on Street Fighter V ($28.79) and Batman: Arkham Knight ($10.29). Remember, you need to be logged in to get the full discounts.

And… that’s it. Wow. Looks like every retailer has completely blown its load for the summer. Too bad. Guess we gotta wait for Christmas now. In the meantime, check back later in the week and maybe there’ll be something new (but I doubt it).

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