Good Deals: Week of 7/25/2016 (UPDATE 3)


Summer’s halfway over. I hope all you boys and girls have been spending it wisely by staying inside and playing video games. Speaking of…


Steam’s got 327 products on sale this week for Weekly Deals, and for once there’s actually some interesting stuff!

Crypt of the NecroDancer – 50% off for $7.49

POSTAL 2 – 90% off for $0.99

POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost DLC – 80% off for $1.19

Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII Double Pack – 67% off for $0.98

Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episodes 3 and 4 Bundle – 88% off for $0.95


Part four of Green Man Gaming’s Summer Sale is currently in progress, featuring games of the action persuasion, including big name titles like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and Tomb Raider, as well as indie titles like Super Meat Boy, A Story About My Uncle, and Superhot. Part five will begin tomorrow afternoon.


The sale has moved to part five, focusing on tactical and puzzle games. Notable new offerings include LA Noire, Portal, Cities XL, and Assassin’s Creed (which I wouldn’t really call a tactical game or a puzzle game, but whatever). Part six will begin in two days.


Ugh, I somehow missed part six. Oh well, apparently, it doesn’t matter, because Green Man Gaming, for the last two days for July, will be having an encore sale, bringing back all the deals from the whole dang thing (kinda makes me wonder why they even bothered with the theme days, but whatever). In case you were wondering, part six’s theme was survival and horror.


GamersGate is currently running an early week sale on Tom Clancy games, including The Division, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell.



Bundle Stars is in the midst of a SEGA week sale, with new deals every day. Most interestingly, they’re offering a Genesis Pick & Mix bundle. You can choose from a list of Genesis and Mega Drive games (played through SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics on Steam), a build bundles of different size for flat rates. You can get five games for $1.99, ten games for $3.49, or 20 games for $4.99.

Also, Bundle Stars is offering their Indie Legends 4 bundle, which includes Party Hard, Lethal League, Another World, Door Kickers, Skullgirls, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and Reus, all for $3.49, plus a 10% off coupon. Better hustle, though, this bundle will be gone by tomorrow morning.

Finally, a week of concrete deals. And here I thought Steam had chased everyone away. Check back later in the week for any interesting developments.

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