Good Deals: Week of 7/11/2016 (UPDATE)


Hey, I just realized, it’s 7/11. I gotta go get me a free Slurpee… Anyways, here’s some deals, so you can have something to do when you’re not playing Pokemon Go.


Steam has weekly deals, with 268 products on sale this week. Unfortunately, there’s no super interesting inclusions, at least not as far as my tastes go.


GMG is still running their Bethesda sale, Fallout, DOOM, Elder Scrolls, all that good stuff. That’s ending on July 14th. They also have their usual 20% off coupon with voucher code “JULY20”, so if you’re in the market for Bethesda stuff, use that to shave off a little bit more.


The Humble Store is still running their DRM-Freedom Sale, no clue when that’s ending. Deals haven’t changed from last week, so I imagine if you bought anything there already, you’re probably already tapped out.



Bundle Stars has begun a sale on Warner Bros. games, and the prices rival the Steam Summer Sale. To name a few, Shadow of Mordor with all DLC included for $9.99, LEGO games for five bucks, Batman games for five bucks, and what I believe may be a record low price of $12.49 on the premium version of Mortal Kombat X (even if the PC version is inferior).

Okay, time to go find some more Weedles. Check back later, maybe there’ll be something new!


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