Good Deals: Week of 6/20/2016


Well, E3 has come and gone, and today is the first day of summer, so hopefully with both of those factors, the big summer deals will start rolling out soon. Here’s some cherry picks in the meantime.


Normally, this would be where I mention Steam’s weekly deals, but strangely, there are none today. It could be a glitch, however, there is a rumor that Steam’s big summer sale may, in fact, be starting this Thursday, the 23rd, which would explain why there’s no new deals right now. We’ll have to wait and see. There are some miscellaneous games on sale, including Remember Me and all three Trine games, which will last until about Wednesday.


Green Man Gaming has their usual “20OFF” coupon… and not much else. Guess they’re still bouncing back from E3.


Games Republic is having their summer sale from now until next Monday, with over 200 games at various percentages off, some even up to 90 (though most of the good stuff is on the first page of the sale).

We’ll find out about that Steam sale this Thursday. I certainly have a few games I’ve been waiting to go on sale…

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