Good Deals: Week of 6/13/2016


It’s E3 week! Which means it’s probably a safe bet that no one is reading this, opting instead to watch the presentations. Still, I’m nothing if not a creature of habit, so here’s the deals I’ve dug up.


Steam’s got weekly deals, with 154 products on sale. Notable inclusions are:

A Story About My Uncle – 80% off, for $2.59

Odallus: The Dark Call – 34% off, for $9.89

Also, it’s not really a sale, but as Bethesda announced last night at their E3 conference, you can download a free demo of the first level of Doom, this week only.


Green Man Gaming has a special coupon for 25% off any purchase while E3 is going on. Use the voucher code “E3SAVE25”.

And that’s about it for today. Maybe there will be some theme sales later in the week, but I kind of doubt it. Still, if anything does show up, you’ll find it here.

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