Good Deals: Week of 5/9/2016


Are people still in school? I genuinely don’t know. Maybe it’s different for different schools. If you aren’t in school, then hey, here’s some deals!


Steam’s got weekly deals, with 269 products on sale, but unfortunately, there’s nothing super eye catching this week. Oh well.


GMG’s got their usual 20% off coupon, with voucher code “20OFF”.


Ah, here’s something fun. The Humble Store is in the midst of its big Spring Sale. There’s new deals every day, and there will continue to be until May 18th. There’s too many deals to list, but I’ll tell you this: every couple of days, a new developer theme mini-sale starts. The current ones are Ubisoft and Sega.

Bit of a slow start, but the week is still young. Check back through the week for new deals as they develop.

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