Good Deals: Week of 4/25/2016 (UPDATE 2!)


The summer months are almost upon us, kids! Now’s the time to stock up on cheap games for summer vacation (unless you’re an adult, in which case the concept of seasons has completely vanished from your life).


Steam’s got weeklong deals! 275 products on sale this week. Notable inclusions are:

Painkiller Black Edition – 75% off, for $2.49

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers – 75% off, for $2.49


Steam has begun an Anime Weekend Sale. Anime themed games are up to 90% off until Monday. All of the Dangan Ronpa games, all of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, all the Blazblue games- if it’s even vaguely anime related, it’s on sale, so check it out!


Green Man Gaming still has a 20% coupon, and it’s still “APR20”. I imagine it will continue to be until it stops being April. There’s an additional coupon for 25% off select pre-orders, such as Doom, Homefront: The Revolution, and Battleborn. Use voucher code “WATCH25”.

There’s also a sale on Paradox games  going on. Get 75% off Knight of Pen and Paper and Magicka, to name a couple.



A new bundle for Nintendo systems has started: The Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle!

$1 gets you Retro City Rampage DX, Affordable Space Adventures, and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. Beating the average (which at time of writing is $9.65) gets you Freedom Planet, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure, Citizens of Earth, a Retro City Rampage DX theme for your 3DS, and whatever new games are added next week. Paying $13 or more gets you Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and Darksiders II.

Hmm, slow start to the week. Oh, well. Keep an eye on this post, and maybe something fun will pop up later in the week!

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