Good Deals: Week of 3/7/2016 (UPDATE 3!)


Monday has arrived, and the deals are born anew!


Steam’s got Weeklong Deals! 281 products on sale this week. Notable inclusions are:

Crypt of the Necrodancer – 50% off, for $7.49

Saturday Morning RPG – 86% off, for $0.97


Midweek Madness sale! Get up to 80% off Hyperdimension Neptunia games!


A Sega Publisher Weekend has begun! Get up to 75% off select Sega titles until March 13th.



Greenman Gaming has got a coupon! Use voucher code “MAR20” for 20% off (almost) any purchase until March 11th.

Check the Hot Deals page HERE for some flash sales on South Park: The Stick of Truth, Dragonball: Xenoverse, Star Wars: Battlefront, and more. There’s also some publisher sales going on right now. Tommo is discounting Humongous Entertainment games like Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish, which you know your inner child wants.


DLGamer’s got some good deals right now, with 55% off Metal Gear Solid V, 50% off The Witcher III, and 30% off Street Fighter V.

If I spot any more good deals (or these deals suddenly end), I’ll be updating this post over the week.



2K is bundling games over at The Humble Store. Get bundle discounts on BioShock and Borderlands games, as well as some bundles that kind of don’t make sense, like Darkness II and Spec Ops: The Line. No idea what those games have to do with each other, but hey, bundles.

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