Good Deals: Week of 3/14/2016 (UPDATE 2!)


Hey kids! Do you know what today is? If you said Pi Day, well, you’re not wrong. But I was thinking of deals day!


Steam’s got weekly deals! 213 products on sale this week. Notable inclusions are:

Cthulu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack: 67% off, for $0.98


Weekend deals! The Dead Rising and Borderlands franchises are on sale for up to 70% and 80% off, respectively.


Greenman Gaming has two coupons this week! The first is the usual 20% off coupon, the code for which is still “MAR20”. The second coupon gets you 25% off of Hitman. Use the voucher code “HIT25”.


GameStop is having a Spring PC game sale. Get up to 80% off select PC download titles from EA, Activision, 2K, and more.



The Humble Store is having an Activision Weekend sale. Get up to 75% off Transformers and Call of Duty and whatnot.

This post will be updated with any notable deals I spot through the week.


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