Anime Mini Reviews for Week Ending April 23rd, 2016



I should preface this article by stating that I realize that these are not all the shows in the Spring 2016 line up, or even that they are not the complete simulcasts. As I catch up, I am sure more will be added, but having said that, I am not going to review anime’s that serve no interest to me. Doing so would make my ratings unfair for some shows as I am watching them just for the sake of watching them.


MY HERO ACADEMIA EP. #3-Roaring Muscles

The entire time I was watching this episode, the theme from Rocky was playing in my head. Izuku has been made an offer he can’t refuse as All Might helps him train for the exams to get into the school he so desires to go to. The episode spans about ten months and the grueling training that Izuku has to endure and the outcomes are both humorous and inspiring.

I really liked this episode. I am glad My Hero Academia is a show that takes its sweet time to get to the point as other shows tend to do. We already know at this point that Izuku is destined to be the greatest hero there is, but now we have to wait to see how the training is going to pay off.


Rating: 9/10


BAKUON!! EP. #3-Debut!!

We are actually treated to a very heavy episode this week as many secrets have been revealed amongst the five member of the Bike Club…that is if there is even such a thing.

The major focus of this episode was as Hane has finally decides on her bike and it’s as girly as you would suspect. However, the place she buys it from is not from where you would expect as it revealed that Onsa has a secret of her own. Rin is still being stubborn about joining the club, even when they need her the most.

The plot device that is used concerning the Bike Club as a school entity was good to find out more about the background of the consistently helmeted Kawasaki and her ties to the school. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed there won’t be more about it as the solution was rectified quickly. The again, this isn’t necessarily an anime that would stretch out a plot device just for the drama. Maybe more than that, we also kind out that Kawasaki may not be the school girl we thought she was.

Overall, I liked this episode of BAKUON!!, but there were possible character and plot developments that occurred that could have been more interesting if they had episodes dedicated to it; Onsa family business, the fact that Rin has closer ties to Onsa, and the misunderstanding about the Bike Club existing. I digress though as BAKUON!! is still entertaining and that’s all I can really ask for.


Rating: 7/10


HUNDRED EP. #3-Variant Awakening

The first real battle has begun for Hayato as he begins to remember parts of his past thanks to Emile (if that’s his real name). In the midst of battle there is a lot on innuendo sprinkled around. Hundred seems to be taking the one guy, multiple love interest approach and a secret is revealed that most people will have seen coming. So far, the Savages seem a little generic, but that isn’t a make or break for me. I just hope the enemies get a little more interesting

The highlight of this episode was the discovery that Hayato may not be in as much control of his Hundred as he thought and there is only one way to calm the beast within him, even if it is a tad convenient. Also, I think maybe I should take a tally of how many times Hayato “accidentally” gropes another classmate.


Rating: 7.5\10


Kiznaiver Ep. #3- Depending How You Look at It, …

If Kiznaiver has anything going for it, it the catchy techno beat credits at the beginning. I didn’t have any point in saying that, I just wanted to express and opinion.

While this episode didn’t move the overarching story along too much, I surprised to know that there is another Kiznaiver in the group. Usually, we are given glimpses into the future from the opening credits alone, but I am glad this show didn’t.

I just have to say, “Poor Katsuhira.” Not because that he inadvertently gets treated like the group punching bag, or even that he doesn’t really care; it’s more that he is so disconnected to the human world and feelings overall. He reminds me of an android learning what it means to feel happy or sad.

While the team searches for the seventh member, and their second mission, it is a humorous yet absurd episode in many ways. The genius idea to hurt one another in order to draw out the seventh member from hiding was humorous at the very least. The absurdity lies within the sexual representation that they show to portray that the new member likes pain; an orgasmic sound followed by glitter shooting out of his wrist that happens to be near his crotch. I wasn’t sure whether to take it seriously, or laugh at it.




Bungo Stray Dogs Ep. #3- Yokohama Gangster Paradise

Now that is more like it.

Taking place after the second episode left off, we find the members of the Detective Agency relaxing at the Vortex restaurant, guessing each other’s professions before their current employment with the most perplexing being Osamu’s, with no surprise. I am glad we had a quick bit of humor because the light is always brightest before the dark (or something like that).

Taking on his first investigation, Atsushi is to monitor an alley way that has been noted as being a hangout for some undesirables. Unfortunately, the undesirables they are lurking are at least some of the antagonists in the series, as Atsushi, Junichirou, and Tanizaki are led into a trap by the Port Mafia.

We are also introduced to a power that is used by Junichirou, which maybe my favorite so far. While I would have liked to have seen more powers from the members, we are given three new powers; one from Junichirou, and the others from the two antagonists in which Akutagawa seems the be the leader, or at least the most powerful, with his power, Rashomon. We also get to see the white tiger act up and show what it can really do!

This episode is the brutal thus far. I gave the show a lot of grief for having too much humor in the first episodes. I still think that, but if I ever go back to rewatch the series I will have an understanding of overload in this possibly grim series.

The third episode is the best and most brutal so far. The one gripe I could have is the not knowing of the fates of a couple of characters’ sooner. I hope we do get an early death to help set the tone a bit more, but I’ll just have to wait.




Anne-Happy Ep. #3- My First Happiness Training

I am going to honest. I have no idea what the hell I just watched.

In this episode we are introduced to the other two main characters; Hibiki Hagyuu and Ren Ekoda. Hibiki is the girl out of the group that likes to be stubborn and Ren is more on the complacent side. Hibiki’s misfortune is that she has a terrible sense of direction that served as the episode’s best moments, but unfortunately that was it. I am still not sure what Ren’s unlucky-ness is at this point other than she seems to attract animals.

The entire episode is set inside the school…over 300 meters below the school as a ridiculously sized elevator goes to down to a live version of a board game where the girls are broken off into teams and roll the dice to get to end of the game only to have obstacles in the way. Not really sure how you could grade an assignment like that, but I’m sure the happy/shady teacher has her methods.

This episode was a step back from the first two, which is a shame as we were introduced to two major characters. When new additions come around, typically, I find the episode memorable, but not this one. I am still going to power through it though because that song at the end credits is catchy enough for me to get to the end of an episode.

Anne Happy - 01

Rating: 5/10

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