Anime Bullets: Week of 9/4/2016


Here are my thoughts on this week’s anime.


Ep 10

Well, that was blunt.
  • Ah, there’s our relatively happy resolution.
  • The best kind of friend to have is one who cares about you so much that they can see right through your bullcrap.
  • I guess now we have our reason for why Hishiro is so stunted: the ol’ “my family moved around a lot”. It seems like kind of a silly reason to shut yourself off from the world in the grand scheme of things, but I’m sure it made sense to her when she was a little kid, and she just sort of ran with it.
  • Gotta give some props to Yoake, he’s doing a good job of supporting without getting directly involved.

Tales of Zestiria: The X

Ep 9

Normin: Collect them all! Ten bucks a pop.
  • I’m really glad we’re getting more Alisha moments. The game really undersold her dedication to her people. Less glad that it’s at the cost of Sorey’s story, but I’ll take what I can get.
  • A good lesson for Sorey; purifying a hellion doesn’t always mean smacking it with a piece of wood until it stops being evil.
  • Hey, it’s Atakk! But what’s he doing here? He’s supposed to be in the abandoned museum in Marlind. I don’t mind him joining up with Mikleo, but what are we gonna do when we actually get to Marlind?
  • I’d like to go on record that that the earth armatus is the coolest one. Giant stone fists are always cool.
  • What is it about magic arrows that turn into lots of arrows that are just so undeniably cool? Maybe it’s a missile circus effect.

The Morose Mononokean

Ep 10

Reminds me of when I had to throw out an old stuffed animal when I was a kid.
  • Oh yeah, there was some kind of trouble at Zenko’s place. I completely forgot since last week.
  • Yahiko’s stuck in a door frame. That’s… huh.
  • Hanae, Abeno, and Zenko make a surprisingly fun little three-man act. Hanae and Abeno fight like brothers, Zenko makes them stop with two words like a mom.
  • I don’t know what this Nobou guy’s deal is, but for some reason, I already like him. I think it’s his exaggerated manner of speech.
  • This is a surprisingly emotional little tale, considering it’s about a youkai and an inanimate object.

Active Raid Second

Ep 9

Yes, storm the government building in power armor, that’s a good idea.
  • Apparently Kuroki’s parents are world-travelers. More evidence that the guy is basically a Kamen Rider.
  • There’s that “Orochi” thing again. They talked about it all the time in the first season, but I still have no goddamn idea what it actually is.
  • Wow, Marimo made a joke, and a decent one at that. Maybe it’s a sign she’ll start getting some actual character development.
  • Was that duck camera Madoka’s or the police’s?
  • Kuroki should’ve gotten clearance, but I’d still say this sting sounds like a pretty good idea.
  • Okay, see, like I said before, this is why Iron Man suits shouldn’t be commercially available, cause now you got a bunch of power armor-clad angry protestors.
  • Wow, Inagi completely turned the tables on the protestors without actually threatening them. Dude’s a serious baller. Shame he’s probably gonna be the secret bad guy of the season.
  • Holy hell, Funasaka. Dude opened up his mask and did a Rider Kick. Two ballers in one episode, what a treat.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Future

Ep 9

Oh thank god, she’s finally dead. Now we never have to hear about sweets again.
  • Oh god no, not a recap- oh. God dammit, Monokuma, you tricky bastard.
  • Okay, cards on the table: I missed the building collapsing last week because I didn’t watch the post credits scene. My bad, but in my defense, no other episode has had a post credits scene so far. That being said, the fact that the building collapsed and everyone isn’t dead means there are some serious shenanigans happening here.
  • Son of a bitch, they’re underwater. Looks like I owe someone five bucks.
  • Okay, so Kirigiri knew it was a different location like we all thought, but how did she deduce they were underwater?
  • Hmm, a list of NG codes. I kinda doubt Gozu’s ever would’ve gone off, he’s way too tough. Or, he was, anyway.
  • You ever notice how the majority of people who say “I will become hope” in this series are completely bonkers?
  • Y’know, it just dawned on me. Crazy sword, white hair, missing eye; Munakata’s basically Raiden, but crazier.
  • Ouch, and down goes Punchy McPuncherson. Right when he was having second thoughts, too. Too bad, so sad, I won’t miss him.
  • Yeah, okay, Munakata. Despair “made” you kill your best friend. You go right on telling yourself that.
  • THAT’S why Ando killed Izayoi? Dude! He was gonna stay for you! You were never in danger, at least not from him! And you repay him by KILLING him? God damn, Ando is the WORST.
  • Oh no, Kirigiri, no, do NOT go raising flags on us. You have plot armor; you are not allowed to die.
  • Oh, thank god, it was just Ando. And nothing of value was lost.

New Game!

Ep 10

Nothing worse than screwing up super hard when your supervisor is right next to you.
  • Every day is a good day for donuts.
  • Where does Umiko keep getting all of these spent shells and bullets from?
  • I’d laugh at Hifumi’s social sensitivity if I didn’t used to be exactly the same.
  • I’d say Aoba’s in the wrong here. Nene could’ve phrased it better, but she was pretty clearly just concerned for her health.
  • And as expected, they made up, and everything’s back to status quo. Show’s not giving me much to talk about this week.

Show by Rock!! Short!!

Ep 10

You wouldn’t think a grown woman who looks like a child would inspire this kind of reaction in people.
  • What am I supposed to say? Darudayu inspires awe in all who see her. In other news, water is wet.

Mob Psycho 100

Ep 9

They should stick his shoe back on before they leave, just to be polite.
  • Am I crazy, or are we actually getting into an arc of some sort here?
  • Does every member of this organization have a scar of some kind?
  • Oh, okay, I guess the “Scars” are specialized force within Claw.
  • Wow, mustache man didn’t even put up a fight. That’s what he gets for underestimating Mob and Teru, though with a face and hair like that, I guess I can’t blame him.
  • Hmm, the Claw leader sounds like a woman. Just for giggles, I’m gonna guess the leader is secretly that girl Mob likes. What was her name? Tsubomi, I think?
  • This just took a dark turn. He didn’t even hesitate, he just killed him outright. Damn, son.
  • I feel like these guys don’t really know what “telekinesis” actually is. Telekinesis is the specific ability of moving things with your mind, not a catch-all term for any psychic power you want.
  • Oh, it was just a bluff. Chin-face must’ve used some sensory trickery.
  • Ritsu picked a bad time to start being clever and sensible.
  • Why did Dimple even bother possessing that guy if he’s not a psychic? I don’t think a regular dude is gonna be that helpful here.
  • See, now THAT’S telekinesis, and an exemplary use of it at that. Not sure why Mob didn’t do that the first time. I guess he was holding back.

Sweetness and Lightning

Ep 10

Protect this smile. Protect it with your life.
  • You know, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think we’d be getting a beach episode in this series. Not that I mind.
  • Why’s Tsumugi being all mopey? Did someone mention her mom again?
  • So, she’s not mopey, she’s just… a cat. Okay.
  • Y’know, whenever I see cooking shows and stuff, I always see a clean cut through the middle of the fish. It’s never really occurred to me that fish actually have internal organs that need to be taken out. Weird.
  • Oh god, Tsumugi baby pictures. Too cute.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Despair

Ep 9

Put a beard on him, and he’d look like a chubby Shang Tsung.
  • Oh man, I’ve got a bad feeling about today…
  • Alright, let me guess: Junko was gonna show Nanami the despair video to get her going down the path and drag the class down with her because she’s the rep.
  • Oh well, I guess now we’ll never know. Yukizome to the rescue.
  • Son of a bitch, it’s a Batman Gambit! Junko let Nanami and Komaeda go because she knew they’d bring the rest of the class back to help Yukizome! Curse those SHSL Analytic skills!
  • Oof, bonesaw to the neck. Brutal. So that’s how Junko… oh wait, it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll say it later.
  • Wow, Komaeda’s actually telling them not to go? Normally, he’d be pretty gung-ho about pitting hope against despair. I guess even he must realize how hopelessly outclassed they are (pun unintended).
  • Holy crap, I did not see that one coming. I didn’t know Imposter was wearing a mask, I just thought he styled his hair differently. Is that his real face?
  • So much for hopelessly outclassed. God dammit, Komaeda, could you stop being cryptic for once?
  • Oh god, first the torture chair and eye clips, now needles in the brain with crunchy noises. This is getting unpleasant.
  • This does not look good for Yukizome. I guess, if nothing else, it bodes well for all of those “Yukizome is the secret villain of Future-Side” theories.
  • Wait; was the statue on the old campus grounds? ‘Cause if it isn’t, why would they even go towards the school gate? That’s just inviting bad news.
  • Ah, finally, the one time I want Punchy McPuncherson to punch someone.
  • And Yukizome is officially lost to the world. I guess she didn’t really die in Future-Side. She’s been dead all along.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

Ep 10

Collette may be an idiot, but even she can see right through you, Usami.
  • Not that it isn’t something praiseworthy, but how exactly did the school faculty find out that Usami and Uchimaki helped a kid? Did they tell them, and the faculty was just like “welp, assembly time?”
  • Okay, come on now, Usami. There’s no good reason not to tell your teacher to piss off. If you don’t want to do it, just don’t do it.
  • Uchimaki is a strange kid. He’s capable of being incredibly clever and thoughtful, but only when the direct outcome of said thoughtfulness directly benefits him. I don’t know whether to call that selfish or brilliant.
  • Uchimaki’s not that strange, but I’m kind of surprised that Collette is capable of serious studying.
  • And now Usami’s trying to kiss Uchimaki in his sleep. I swear, give her a few months, and she’ll have a love shrine to him in her closet.
  • Y’know, maybe it’s just because they’re middle schoolers, but a lot of the students in this school seem kind of stupid.
  • Whoa, spy camera yo-yo. That’s actually kind of awesome.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Ep 10 (Shorts 46-50)

Define “geniuses.”
  • You’d think the teacher would make Nendou take those balls out of his shirt after the first test.
  • I was wondering what happened to that cat. They wouldn’t have bothered giving it a distinguishing characteristic like a scarf if it wasn’t going to be a recurring character, I guess.
  • Pfft, two-ton cat punch. That’s adorable and terrifying.
  • Who actually names their cat Pussy? And why is Saiki’s dad feeding her? She has a collar. As in an owner. You shouldn’t do that.
  • What is this, a SEGA CD game? They’re the only games I know that dump exposition and QTEs on you like this.
  • Huh, Kaidou’s room is surprisingly bare. I figured it’d be littered with occult crap and plastic weapons.
  • Ooh, “Killer College” as a sequel to Assassination Classroom. I’d read it. Y’know, if Korosensei wasn’t dead and all…
  • I don’t think letting a known womanizer possess you is going to help you pick up chicks.
  • Wow, the ghost of a harem protagonist. Five bucks says a yandere killed him in his sleep.
  • Ah, the old slip-n-boob-grab. Funny in anime, sexual harassment in real life. And also not that funny in anime.


Ep 10

Sometimes it’s okay to throw caution to the wind.
  • A wise man once said: “Time spent doing the things you enjoy is never time wasted.”
  • Wow, Makoto’s a slob. I don’t know how people can stand to leave multiple trash bags in their room like that.
  • Oh, okay, I guess Teko learned to swim off screen. Y’know, not that I dislike assorted shenanigans, but wasn’t this show supposed to be about diving? At least partially? Because it feels like they haven’t done anything actually diving-related in weeks.
  • How often would they actually wear swimsuits? They ain’t skin diving.
  • It always seems weird to me when the bottom of a women’s swimsuit is hot pants. Like, are they actually hot pants, or are they just a swimsuit made to look like hot pants? It’s confusing.
  • It’s nice that Teko is enthusiastic about diving with Hikari, though at this rate, we’re only gonna get one good diving session in before the series ends.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Ep 24

Star Platinum, son. Deal with it.
  • I kind of get where Kira’s coming from; I don’t like making a spectacle of myself in public either. Of course, that’s because I have slight social anxiety, not because I’m, y’know, a literal serial killer.
  • Huh, so that’s how Stand ranges work. Thank you, Act 3, that was very informative.
  • I just noticed Killer Queen has its own manifestation… thing. Most humanoid Stands have a golden aura around them when they manifest, but Killer Queen’s is all shadow-y. I like the stylistic touch.
  • Koichi’s balls always seem to get the biggest when he’s about to die. Commendable, but not a very good habit.
  • I’d be surprised that Jotaro can still stand, but honestly, he’s been through worse.
  • I would’ve thought Josuke would see all of Star Platinum’s fist marks on Kira, but just sussing him the normal way works too.
  • Wow, he freed Sheer Heart Attack from himself by cutting off his hand. That’s kind of brilliant, though I feel like being a one-handed man will make him even more suspicious in public.
  • Well, good news for Kira, he won’t have to worry about being one-handed for much longer.
  • Y’know, Josuke would make a great forensics detective. Just heal any physical evidence a perp left behind and follow it home.
  • I know Kira knew Aya was a Stand user, but how did he know what Cinderella’s powers were? Did he just make an educated guess and cross his fingers that she could do some face shenanigans to him?
  • How is Aya speaking with a hole in her neck?

Time Travel Girl

Ep 10

“And they said my cosplay photo shop was a dumb idea.”
  • Always thankful we never got summer homework in my school growing up. At least I don’t think we did. There’s a chance we did, but the teachers never actually called me out on it. Basically what I’m saying is that homework is dumb.
  • Why exactly did Waka put up all of those decorations again?
  • I don’t know what Mari’s expecting to do on her own when she needs Shun to be her operator while time traveling.
  • Hertz, huh? I hear the name a lot in regards to electricity, but I’m not sure what his actual contribution was.
  • Signal broadcasting, I suppose. That would explain his tangential interest in cathode rays.
  • Y’know, for a guy who is likely pretending to be a cop that was an extremely sketchy way of ending someone’s call.
  • Oh no, missing daughter- oh no, wait, she’s fine. Well what the hell was even the point of that scene?
  • Aw man, is this gonna be like a Dr. Hiluluk thing, and the kid accidentally got him poison or something instead of herbs?
  • It’s a noble cause to thank scientists for their contributions to society, but I’d still say showing them future tech is a big time cop no-no.
  • These goons look like they’re on loan from Maximillian Pegasus. I wonder if they have invisible guns.


Ep 10

In this show? Perish the thought.
  • Five bucks says that letter isn’t meant for Kondo.
  • Okay, so it was meant for him, it was just for a really rude purpose. Is that really something she needed to call him out after school for?
  • Wow, Kondo’s got balls of steel. Comes with being an average joe, I guess.
  • Whoops, spoke too soon. He’s sad.
  • Oh come on, the one time he was gonna get something nice from someone, and it gets smudged. This is getting frustrating. Hell, “getting” nothing, it’s been
  • Why is it a stereotype of otaku that they wear backpacks everywhere?
  • Oh good, time for some Rule 63 shenanigans.
  • Wow, that is… certainly a thing that is happening. I gotta side with Handa, I would have no idea how to react if someone started waving a figure at me from behind a wall.
  • Whoa, that was actually kind of cool. I think I saw the face of Sakamoto for a minute there. Good thing too, I had a really bad feeling about what was under that skirt.
  • Why would I read a bishoujo manga for porn? If I want porn, I’ll read porn. I read manga for story, son. Or at least gags. Preferably both.
  • I think I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve facepalmed during this episode.

Food Wars: The Second Plate

Ep 11

Nothing like revisiting your old favorite dives.
  • Ooh, cooking residencies. It’s like a medical student’s residency, but with food.
  • It’s funny how Yukihira has the ability to be consistently chummy with people who overtly hate his guts.
  • Why would people coming from a bullet train stop come to what is clearly a small family-owned diner if they want fast food? Diners don’t do fast food.
  • I thought Erina was like, world-renowned. Does that chef really not know who she is or what she’s capable of? If the God Tongue was giving me suggestions, I’d take ‘em happily.
  • Hmm, a diner only taking reservations. It’s risky, but it also creates an element of intrigue that can attract curious customers, and it’ll definitely cut back on the bossy commuters.
  • I don’t get why Arato thinks just because she lost once means she can’t try again. The whole philosophy of Tootsuki is constant battle. If you get knocked down, dust yourself off, and do better next time.

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