Anime Bullets: Week of 8/7/2016


With a slight change in format, here are my thoughts on this week’s anime.


Ep 6

ReLIFE 6 Cap
I knew she seemed a little too cute…
  • Well, that was out of left field. No wonder An seemed so peppy and sociable, it was deliberate. Damn convincing high schooler, I’ll give her that. Still, I’m glad she wasn’t like, a secret antagonist or something, because even with this revelation, I do still like her as a character. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a better friend to Arata since she actually knows what he’s going through.
  • Not sure how I feel about Hishiro getting lovey. Friends though they are, she and Arata don’t really seem close enough for that to be feasible, though this could just be another social misunderstanding on her part.

Tales of Zestiria: The X

Ep 5

Zesteria 5 cap
This isn’t the best way to meet girls.
  • Oookay, we have rather abruptly switched focus to Tales of Berseria. When I saw Velvet in the opening before, I just assumed she’d make a little cameo or something at the tail-end of the series, not get entire episodes dedicated to her. Makes me wonder how many episodes this series will go for if we keep flipping perspectives like this.
  • If I recall correctly from promotional material, Berseria is a prequel to Zestiria. I’m guessing daemons are hellions and malaks are seraphim.
  • I’m not all that invested in Velvet at the moment, but perhaps that’s because all we really know of her is “revenge” and “spooky demon arm”. Hopefully (if they make these Berseria episodes a regular thing), we can get some more substantial character motivation.

The Morose Mononokean

Ep 6

Mononokean 6 cap
New Cuddly Eel Thing from Hasbro.
  • That’s an interesting point; if humans can’t see yokai, and Hanae can, what does that make Hanae? I wonder if he’s secretly a ghost or something. Like, the real Hanae died when he was a kid and he assumed his identity and memories. That’s probably not it, but wouldn’t that be a twist?
  • I wonder how many of Abeno’s rules and practices are hand-me-downs from his old master and how many are of his own making. It seems like a lot of his policies are intended to limit his interaction with humans as much as possible.

Active Raid Second

Ep 5

active raid 5 cap
What fresh hell have I stumbled upon here?
  • Y’know, I’d say I’ve seen stranger idol shows in anime, but honestly? I can’t think of any. This is might be the strangest performance I’ve ever seen.
  • I guess now we know why Sena works in sanitation: littering literally drives him insane.
  • Am I crazy, or are some of the characters acting a bit, well, out of character? Like, Kuroki seems more reserved, Yamabuki seems more peppy, stuff like that. I guess you can call it character development, except that it seems a little out of left field.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Future

Ep 5

dangan-future 5 cap
  • Wow, Ando is seriously the worst. If she survives this whole thing, I’m going to be upset. She kept telling her “I can’t eat sugar because of my medication”, and yet she acts like it’s some kind of personal slight. When Kimura was chasing her after breaking the window, I was actually chanting “kill her, kill her” in my head.
  • I guess Tengan knew who the traitor was. Leave it to the old guy to suss everyone out from the get-go. It’s annoying that we didn’t get to hear their name, but whoever it was, it’s sent Munakata officially off the deep end. I don’t think he’s gonna come out of this alive at this rate.
  • Aw, dammit. I liked Kimura. What is that thing in her chest? It’s too small to see, but it looks like some kind of… dart? And how did she get smashed into the wall like that?

New Game!

Ep 6

New Game 6 cap
I wonder if Japan is ever going to get tired of this joke.
  • You ever notice how in a lot of classic JRPGs like Dragon Quest, characters who are circus performers of some sort always dress the same? Poofy pants, tiny hats, a random cane, stuff like that. I don’t dislike that, it’s just mildly interesting.
  • Yeah, Hajime would go to hero shows on her days off.
  • Nene reminds me of myself in college, much as I don’t like to admit it. Childish, impulsive, and short. Though I’ll be the first to admit that going to animated movies with college-aged friends is surprisingly fun.

Show by Rock!! Short!!

Ep 6

SBRShort 6 cap
How do you address this person? Kid? Miss? Ma’am?
  • As I expected, Darudayu still looks like a kid and sounds like she’s in her thirties. Either that girl has aged crazy well, or she’s some kind of monster. Not that it really matters, I guess.

Mob Psycho 100

Ep 5

Mob psycho 5 cap
Well, you’ve still got your good looks- oh.
  • Does Teru realize he keeps making crazy bird noises when he attacks?
  • So, is that it for Dimple, then? I’d be surprised if it was. I’m sure Mob will stumble onto him again at some point, though don’t ask me how.
  • Ah, okay. That’s a pretty good reason for Mob wanting to restrain himself. That is, both the supposed incident when he was a kid, and the fact that apparently he has a state of power beyond even his usual rage explosion. That… was a pretty scary face. Living creatures should not make a face like that.

Sweetness and Lightning

Ep 6

Sweetness 6 cap
  • Mmm, gyoza. I don’t eat em’ much, but they’re usually good when I do.
  • Y’know, come to think of it, why was Kotori so secretive about this whole thing? I mean, yeah, it’s kind of an unusual situation, but it’s not something you can’t tell your friends about. Shinobu is clearly knowledgeable in cooking, especially vegetables, so she’d probably be a helpful asset both in and out of the kitchen.
  • Yagi’s no slouch either. I like his attitude; he plays it all calm and collected, but he didn’t even hesitate to accept Tsumugi’s invitation. I think he really likes spending time with her and Kohei.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Despair

Ep 5

DR3Despair 5 cap
Look, look with your special eyes.
  • Wow, Nanami’s keeping everyone afloat. That… worries me.
  • Saionji finally got her growth spurt, it seems. It doesn’t matter; she’ll always be the same infuriating gremlin to me.
  • Oh boy, here we go with Junko. And by the looks of it, Mukuro is just as crazy. I’m glad we’re getting some insight into her at last.
  • Finally, an explanation. Imposter was imposting Togami (that’s totally a word, shut up), but he must’ve found out Togami would be in the next class, so he switched to Mitarai (at Mitarai’s request, no less) a little after the year started. I’m still not sure if he was actually a student at Hope’s Peak already, though.
  • And so awakens Izuru Kamakura.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

Ep 6

Art Club 6 cap
They say suburbia is purgatory, I say it’s retail.
  • Wow, Usami actually sits and listens to Uchimaki harp about manga he likes. That takes dedication.
  • This better not be setting up a goddamn love triangle.
  • Ha, that bookstore is full of references to real anime (recent ones, in fact).
  • Well, at least Imari and Usami aren’t outright enemies, but I still don’t like love triangles.
  • Y’know, I’ve been rooting for Usami a little bit, but her attitude is starting to get on my nerves. Every time Uchimaki as much as looks at another girl, she gets way too possessive. If she’s worried, she should just make a move herself, instead of being all flustered and stuff like usual.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Ep 6 (Shorts 26-30)

Saiki 6 cap
This is probably what I would do as a ghost.
  • I guess even Saiki isn’t completely heartless. That kid really shouldn’t be playing with such a valuable ball, though.
  • I wish I had Saiki’s ability to predict social situations. Of course, even a military computer couldn’t strategize when you’re hanging around oblivious idiots.
  • Even the butterfly effect is no match for Saiki. It must be exhausting to be this on-point all the time.


Ep 6

Amanchu 6 cap
What is the ocean if not a mirror that reflects the world?
  • They say Futaba’s real name so infrequently that I actually have to look it up every time. I’m just gonna start calling her Teko myself.
  • … She can’t swim? She didn’t think to mention that until now?
  • Teko’s determination is really quite heartwarming. She’s not blind to her flaws, or the possible scope of what she’s trying to accomplish, but with perseverance and a few nudges from her friends, she’ll get there some day. Even a faraway dream is a dream worth having.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Ep 20

JoJo 20 cap
Oh good, as if slider puzzles weren’t annoying enough, now you gotta BE one.
  • What an oddly specific Stand ability. Morioh seems to attract a lot of Stand Users like that.
  • “A lot happened between us?” Dude, Koichi, she kidnapped you and force-fed you textbooks. That’s not really an easily forgivable thing.
  • Am I stupid? I can’t really see any difference in post-Cinderella Yukako. Her features look a little softer, maybe, but not unless you look carefully. But, hey, Stand powers, whatever.
  • Heh, and they say chivalry is dead. I still think Koichi changed his tune a little too easily, but I guess as long as nobody’s eating paper, it’s a harmless situation.

Time Travel Girl

Ep 6

Time Travel Girl 6 cap
As Edison said, genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
  • According to Wikipedia, Faraday really did publish his findings without Davy’s consent, and that strained their relationship, but I don’t think Davy went out of his way to discredit him or anything. Guess the show’s taking liberty with history again.
  • Time Cop Prof. Hayase saves the future again. I wonder if he’s doing a kind of Quantum Leap thing; y’know, “set right what once went wrong”? Maybe someone was futzing with the timeline, so he went back to fix everything.
  • I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but these Quick Science segments after the credits are surprisingly informative. You could totally show these in a school science class.


Ep 6

Handa 6 cap
Either she’s a really good fortune teller, or he’s really transparent.
  • I’m genuinely having a hard time figuring out who is dumber: Handa or every other student at this school.
  • “Surrounded by children”, huh? Well, she’s not wrong.
  • Not that this whole “everyone hates me” shtick isn’t amusing, but is Handa going to figure out that no one hates him by the end of the series? He was pretty neurotic in Barakamon, but he wasn’t quite this neurotic.


Ep 19

rin-ne 19 cap
Black Cat Suzu: A compelling argument for compulsory education.
  • Hell hath no fury like a poor kid with a coupon book.
  • I… can’t think of anything else to say. Nothing else really happened.

Food Wars: The Second Plate

Ep 7

Soma ep 7 cap
Are there any cooking-themed card games? Because there should be.
  • If humanity ever invents smell-o-vision, this would be the first show I’d want to watch it with.
  • I think if I ate at a restaurant manned by Kurokiba, I’d be too scared of him to actually eat the food… at least for a couple of minutes, anyway.
  • These cooking competitions are even more elaborate than an episode of Iron Chef. They just lift a big lid for their secret ingredient; these guys freeze it in a block of ice and smash it open. Talk about theatrics.
  • A three-way battle with the protagonist and two ridiculously strong rivals… my shonen senses are tingling. Something tells me this isn’t going to go too well for Yukihira.

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