Anime Bullets: Week of 8/28/2016


Here are my thoughts on this week’s anime.


Ep 9

ReLIFE 9 Cap
Now that’s a psychological scar face.
  • I gotta be honest, I laughed a little when Honoka asked Hishiro if she’s ever clashed with someone because she’s too smart, because yeah, she has, with the exact same person, in fact.
  • I’m glad they’re not idealizing Arata’s school experience. High school is a scary place, with its own confusing set of politics and customs, but if you look closely, it’s not all that different from any place where you spend a lot of time in the company of others.
  • It’s becoming clear why Arata bailed on his first job, and frankly, in a toxic work environment like that, I wouldn’t blame him, especially if his little shut-down moment is implying what I think it is.

Tales of Zestiria: The X

Ep 8

Zestiria 8 cap
Well, “idiot” is a strong word, but…
  • Ah, Edna, my favorite little troll. Shame Mikleo isn’t here, I’ve been missing their banter.
  • Ugh, Zaveid, put a shirt on, for god’s sake.
  • Maybe it’s because we aren’t actually seeing him fighting hellions, but Sorey seems kind of inept in the ways of combat. I mean, he just stood there as Eizen was about to squish him.
  • Hmm, another change from the game. In the game, Zaveid would shoot himself in the head with his gun to power up his abilities (don’t ask me how), but here he’s just using it as a straight-up weapon. Maybe Atlus sued for copyright infringement on Persona 3.
  • I think this is the first time Sorey’s armatized since pulling out the sword. I used it so much in the game, I forgot it didn’t actually show up in the story proper that much, heh…

The Morose Mononokean

Ep 9

Mononokean 9 cap
New season of Yo-Kai Watch is looking pretty good.
  • If Abeno hadn’t said otherwise, I would’ve guessed this girl is either lying or stupid.
  • “Can you explain that more scientifically?” What, she doesn’t think he’s lying, she just doesn’t get it? This family is weird.
  • Even for something as incredulous as exorcism, this woman is being rather unreasonable. Like, no Hanae can’t explain the entire god damn process, but you explain the entire process to your job to a complete layman?
  • I get the feeling Abeno has gone through these sorts of situations enough times to go more or less numb to them.
  • Feelings of attachment, huh. So it’s less that Hanae is traditionally “dangerous”, and more that his methods and mindset may lead to a less than pleasant outcome.

Active Raid Second

Ep 8

active raid 8 cap
Pick a better time to get drunk?
  • Ooh, optic camo. Looks like war has changed again.
  • Illegal immigrants. Never an easy thing to remedy. Don’t have to space to let them all in, but it’s too cruel to send them all away. I guess that’s why it’s a morally grey area (though, I would think them living in a literal dump would sway some people to one side).
  • I kinda hope this Atin guy doesn’t have anything to do with that Willwear, he seems like an okay person.
  • God dammit. And Sena was getting him a work visa, too.
  • So, what, Atin was just committing random acts of violence as a kind of revenge on Japan for siding with his country’s dictator? Wow, that’s a pretty flimsy motivation, considering all the backstory they went to the trouble of giving him.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Future

Ep 8

dangan-future 8 cap
She still ain’t marrying you, dude.
  • In case it wasn’t official before, it is now: Munakata has gone completely off the deep end.
  • Whoa, Gekko-bot is awesome. I was thinking it couldn’t have killed anyone even if it is a robot since its hands are so small, but if it’s a transformer, well, that’s a different story. Not that it matters anymore, since Monaca’s busy being a space NEET.
  • Ando was trying to secede from the FF? She can’t even do her homework, what makes her think she could actually run an organization?
  • And down goes Hat Asshole.
  • Aw, he was a family friend of the Kirigiris. I guess Hat Asshole wasn’t such a bad guy after all. I’m not gonna stop calling him that, though.
  • Y’know, when I heard Ando’s sweets were as addicting as narcotics, I didn’t think they were literally drugged. But she’s been doing a great job cementing herself as the worst character in the show, so I guess I wouldn’t put drugged sweets past her.
  • I admit I’m partially surprised by Kirigiri’s deduction. I figured out that Ando killed Izayoi two weeks ago, but I figured she just popped a candy into his mouth because she’s a selfish idiot, not out of self-preservation.

New Game!

Ep 9

New Game 9 cap
Dandyism shall unite the world.
  • Panty shots: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
  • I remember at the last place I worked, management would shoot you a death glare if you ever even turned your chair around, to say nothing of conversing with your desk neighbors. These girls have it easy.
  • This is why you don’t ask people about the dolls they have on their desks, unless you want your ear talked off.
  • Jeez, guys, ship Toyama and Yagami a little harder, why don’t you.
  • Is staying at the office overnight a common thing in Japanese game dev? The girls barely fought it at all; they were just like “welp, staying the night”.
  • Wait, that bathhouse was open well past midnight, and even had little napping nooks? Dude, that’s awesome. I wanna go to a place like that.

Show by Rock!! Short!!

Ep 9

SBRShort 9 cap
What’s with the guys on the stairs? They don’t dance, they just stand there and clap.
  • I wonder if it’s actually possible for Shu☆Zo to speak without putting flourishes on everything, both with his voice and his body.
  • Oh come on, halfway through that, he wasn’t even doing a box step anymore.

Mob Psycho 100

Ep 8

mob psycho 8 cap
Epic Anime Show of Power #384: The Face Grab
  • Oh yeah, here we go, psychic bro fight. And weird hoodie roof guy gets to watch.
  • Or not. I guess Mob’s just too peace-loving. Just as well, I guess, he would’ve wiped the floor with Ritsu if he actually cared enough.
  • Boy, Ritsu’s kind of a messed up kid. I guess having a potential world-ending dreadnaught as an older brother will do that to you.
  • Alright, hoodie guy’s a good substitute, long as we get to see someone fight.
  • Well, that could’ve gone better, but at least we got to see Mob explode again.
  • No, seriously, why is Reigen a con artist psychic? Dude could easily make twice what he does now running a day spa.

Sweetness and Lightning

Ep 9

Sweetness 9 cap
I’d kill for some of that magic.
  • I admit I know literally nothing about curry rice, but I don’t know why you’d put raisins in it.
  • I’m glad Tsumugi didn’t freak out without Kohei sleeping next to her. I can’t get over how mature she is for her age, though I guess she has to be.
  • Wait, seriously? They had a recipe book the entire time and he’s only just now found it? Why would he only check the bookshelves? Everyone I know keeps their cookbooks in the kitchen.
  • Whoa, what, why was flashback mom crying- oh, it was just an onion. Jeez, I thought she was gonna die of some unnamed illness on the spot.
  • Oh good, we were overdue for some heartbreak. It’s a bad sign that Kohei and Tsumugi can’t even think of wife/mom without pausing to hold back tears. Seriously, they need to talk about this.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Despair

Ep 8

DR3Despair 8 cap
You literally could’ve saved the entire world right there, and you choose to monologue. God dammit, Komaeda.
  • Where does Junko keep getting all this Monokuma merch from?
  • Oh boy, Tsumiki is officially lost to the world. One down, fourteen to go.
  • Hey look, Matsuda cameo.
  • As I suspected, Junko’s plan is to splice Mitarai’s subliminal stuff with footage of the first killing game to make a despair-inducing brainwashing video. Thanks a lot, Mitarai. Really filling the world with hope, there.
  • Whoa, Tanaka’s up to twelve hamsters. Dude’s been busy.
  • What exactly are these protestors expect to accomplish by hoping the school gate? They won’t become main course students just by entering the building, unless they’re planning on threatening the staff or something.
  • And of course Komaeda finds Junko’s lair, has a gun, and has his student ID stop a bullet. Because it’s Komaeda. God dammit, Komaeda.
  • Oh man, I really hope nothing happens to Nanami. Not yet, anyway.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

Ep 9

Art Club 9 cap
One finger pointing to a face is cute, two just seems excessive.
  • Dude, Imari, come on. Are you a chuuni or not? Make up your damn mind.
  • Are dirty magazines really that big of a deal? I mean, sure, if a teacher finds it, that’s one thing, but if some random student saw you with it, I don’t think they’d really care. Hell, if it was a guy, he’d probably ask to borrow it, assuming he doesn’t have a computer at home.
  • Wow, Collette doesn’t even know what smut is. Further proof that she’s actually an elementary schooler who stole a middle school uniform.
  • Oh hey, it’s the jobber again.
  • Dammit, Usami, don’t give the jobber a boner. The last thing he needs right now is a reason to keep trying.
  • And unsurprisingly, jobber jobs again.
  • Not that I dislike her, but why is this little girl a recurring character? She barely has any relation to the main cast, aside from the fact that she kind of wants to be an art student.
  • So he skips class to nap, and misappropriates funds to buy pillows. Does the President ever do anything? Is he even a student?
  • Hmm, for a little kid, her art’s not bad. She certainly draws faces better than I did at her age.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Ep 9 (Shorts 41-45)

Saiki 9 cap
First his dad, now his mom. What, does Nendou have a dog that looks like him too?
  • Who let Sweet Mask from One Punch Man in here? And when did he become Teruhashi’s big brother?
  • Oh dear god, he’s a siscon.
  • Y’know, I’d chastise Saiki for cheating, but I guess if he’s cheating for the sake of a completely average score, I can’t really be mad.
  • Oh wow, I completely forgot the magician guy even existed.
  • It’s hard to tell sometimes whether Saiki is a genuinely good person, or he just cares enough to prevent manslaughter.
  • So did Nendou’s mom and dad look the same before they met, or did being around him cause her to mutate or something?


Ep 9

amanchu 9 cap1
Ai is a very physically affectionate person.
  • Oh, flashback time. I have a feeling this is going to be mildly heartbreaking.
  • Oh, no, never mind. Flashback cancelled.
  • I kind of get where Teko is coming from with the whole data-moving thing, but if she has a computer, she could just store the pictures there and use them as wallpaper. I mean, yeah, she’ll have to clear the phone, but it’s not like the pictures are gone forever.
  • It’s amusing how Hikari’s dress sense ranges from “cute high school girl” to “Steve Urkel”.
  • A digital photo frame, how thoughtful. I was expecting a scrapbook or something, but that’s way simpler.
  • It’s nice that Teko’s friend finally called her, though I’d be a little pissed off that they haven’t contacted her like, at all. Not even a text.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Ep 23

JoJo 23 cap
Here come the Die Hard references.
  • Jotaro deduced all of that just by seeing a hand grabbing a jacket? God, all he needs are dead parents, and he’s basically Batman.
  • Wow, Koichi’s kind of being an asshole today. I get that he wants to track Kira, but that’s no reason to be rude to Jotaro.
  • Feels like we haven’t had a good ORA ORA-ing in a while.
  • Koichi looks better with crazy hair than that flat top look.
  • Finally, Act 3’s Freeze attack in slow motion. I could never tell what he was doing with his hands in the games, and it bugged the hell out of me.
  • I love how utterly done with everything Act 3 looks. I think he might be the first non-autonomous talking Stand, at least as far as I can remember.

Time Travel Girl

Ep 9

Time Travel Girl 9 cap
There’s a little man in the box! Witchcraft!
  • I would think a young girl walking around in a bathing suit back then would garner at least a few verbal responses, but whatever.
  • Was that Davey Dr. Hayase was talking to? What, does he just follow him around to make fun of how people keep nicking his ideas?
  • For the Emperor of Brazil, that Dom Pedro guy is looking awfully pale.
  • I don’t think a single person in this show so far has appropriately reacted to people popping out of/into thin air, except maybe Morse.
  • It figures the time they finally show Mari’s mom the lab would be when something random goes wrong.
  • Did Shun just pull a sonic screwdriver out of his ass?
  • Oh yeah, I totally bet Mari will keep her promise and never use the system again. Yep. Definitely.


Ep 9

Handa 9 cap
Y’know, I think I’d watch a series about a stalker fangirl hunting down other stalker fangirls. It’d be like The Punisher.
  • I sympathize with Handa. Much as I enjoy humanity’s endless persistence, there are times in life where people heavily pursue things you’d rather they just drop. Though if I recall, we didn’t dissect frogs in my school either, we dissected worms.
  • Holy hell, that’s a big frog. I’d have trouble dissecting a normal-sized one, but I don’t think I’d be able to take a blade to something that big.
  • And now they think Handa’s been possessed by a sad frog. Is there a gas leak in this school?
  • Poor Yuki, being the only sane man in a crazy world.
  • So that’s why they called Miyoko Eraser in the first episode. She’s probably got one or two of those girls tied up in her basement.

Food Wars: The Second Plate

Ep 10

Soma ep 10 cap
That’s a lot of fish.
  • Has anyone told Eizen he has atrocious fashion sense? Leopard-print shirt, gold chains, dude’s dressed like he’s in his 60s.
  • I can never tell if the Chairman’s just taking his clothes off really fast or if they’re actually exploding.
  • So Yukihira’s greatest skill is that he doesn’t think anything is not worth trying; he’s insanely persistent. That’s… actually kind of inspiring. A brute force approach may seem wasteful, but to him, there is literally no such thing as a bad idea.
  • Where is Hayama actually from? He just says a slum, he doesn’t say where.
  • As is customary in a shonen series, the protagonist always has to lose in at least one big event or tournament. Sorry, Yukihira, that’s just the rules.

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