Anime Bullets: Week of 8/21/2016


Here are my thoughts on this past week’s anime.


Ep 8

ReLIFE 8 Cap
“Aye aye”? We’re not playing pirates, Hishiro!
  • Anyone else feeling a bit of déjà vu here? Something about this episode reminds me of the stuff Kariu was going through before.
  • Kariu has this weird habit of yelling at people in the nurse’s office.
  • I’m starting to see a pattern in this show: every time someone is succeeding at something, someone tries to knock them down, either through words or actions. I’m not really sure what the overall moral is going to be.

Tales of Zestiria: The X

Ep 7

Zestiria 7 cap
You wouldn’t think a wooden sword would be so good at killing things. Or purifying things, I guess.
  • Okay, here we go, back to the story proper.
  • I appreciate Sorey’s optimism, but I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as “find the dragon and do a thing”.
  • I’m not really sure what Mikleo was expecting to accomplish on his own. Lailah’s the one with the purification flames; Mikleo can fight hellions, sure, but he can’t defeat them.
  • Maybe I’m just being pessimistic, but I wouldn’t think a long stringy gel thing floating in the air would be something safe to be around.
  • Goddamit, guys, don’t give the shippers fuel.

The Morose Mononokean

Ep 8

Mononokean 8 cap
You forgot to call him a b-b-b-baka.
  • Whoa, that look in Yahiko’s eyes when he thought little Abeno was gonna leave… I think this kid might have some issues.
  • Hmm, Abeno has glow-y will subjugating powers. Now where have I seen those before…?
  • Hanae should really just stop taking that way home.
  • I wonder who started the whole “overly enthusiastic attendant to a princess” trope.
  • That was a pretty good bluff. Hanae’s a clever lad when he feels like it.

Active Raid Second

Ep 7

active raid 7 cap
As creepy as that is, that’s actually a pretty good business model.
  • So… they’re bringing in every specialized Willwear unit in the country to guard a single event. Yeah, can’t see any way that could backfire.
  • Hmm, those attacks seem a little too well-coordinated. I have a feeling those guys were trying to get caught.
  • Three straight days of arrests, and they choose now to take a break by the pool? Shouldn’t there be at least one pilot on standby?
  • Wow, tiny drone cameras. That’s a lot of money and effort for peeping.
  • I was wondering where Madoka went. I guess she’s a private eye now.
  • Life-sized 3D printed figures created from pictures. I’m speechless.
  • So did this voyeurism thing actually have anything to do with the terrorist attack, or was that just a huge coincidence?

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Future

Ep 7

dangan-future 7 cap
I’d rather they just port Ultra Despair Girls to Steam…
  • Aw, the hacking gun doesn’t shoot giant Japanese characters. At least it can still make things dance.
  • Wait a minute, if Monaca is here being a raid boss, what’s going on with the fake Gekkogahara? Is she on autopilot or something?
  • Okay, so Monaca is the one who faked us out on Asahina, but she’s not the attacker, and allegedly not the mastermind. Well, shoot. What now?
  • A NEET… in space. Alright then.
  • Someone who survived the DR1’s killing game will die, huh? Well, in a perfect world, it’d be Hagakure, but I know we’re not that lucky.

New Game!

Ep 8

New Game 8 cap
Quick, dust the note for prints! We’ll find this son of a bitch!
  • One of the painful aspects of growing up is realizing summer break is a thing of the past.
  • And Nene’s college too, nothing but women. Has there even been a single guy in this show? Does this take place in a parallel universe populated only by cute girls?
  • Nene seems rather lacking when it comes to professional etiquette. Then again, if I went to work at the same company as a friend, I’d probably go out of my way to bug them too.
  • I guess even for a friendly indie game company, being a QA tester is slow, grating work.
  • Remember kids, if you have a shared fridge at work, don’t touch anything without your name on it without asking first.

Show by Rock!! Short!!

Ep 8

SBRShort 8 cap
Someone’s on the fast track to diabetes.
  • Oh no, not Criticrista again…
  • It’s strange; whenever anyone except Rosia is talking, I don’t mind Criticrista’s existence nearly as much.
  • I concede that that’s a pretty good PV. I mean, it probably wouldn’t work too well here in the States, but in a place where there’s an idol industry, it works out.

Mob Psycho 100

Ep 7

Mob psycho 7 cap
Maybe he should’ve just stayed home today.
  • That little map thing makes me wonder… has anyone tried to make a video game based on school gang warfare? Like, specifically school gangs, not just street gangs or color gangs? Might be an interesting idea.
  • Ritsu’s going down a bad path here, and Dimple ain’t helping.
  • Does Kamuro look like he’s melting to anyone else? I dunno, the greasy hair, the droopy eyes, it’s like he’s just gonna collapse into a puddle any minute.
  • JESUS WHAT IS THAT ON TERU’S HEAD. It’s like Marge Simpson had a baby with the Lorax.
  • I’ve heard of art dealers in Japanese cities that pull people over to sell them chintzy crap. Don’t know why they’d pull over a middle schooler, though.
  • Trash at home, trash in the streets. Kamuro just can’t seem to get away from trash. Not that it doesn’t serve him right.
  • Oh god, Ritsu’s standing on phone polls. Dude’s coming down with a bad case of hero complex. Or perhaps villain complex would be a more appropriate phrase.
  • Oh snap, psychic brother fight next week.

Sweetness and Lightning

Ep 8

Sweetness 8 cap
“Cool” isn’t the first word I would use, but whatever.
  • Ah, the youthful days when kids actually enjoy having their parents accompany them to school.
  • The infinite power of Tsumugi appears before us yet again by making a whole class of preschoolers wait patiently. That smile is gonna save the world, mark my words.
  • Hmm, making her a new bag. Hold on, I’m gonna make a prediction: her mom made that bag for her, right?
  • Boom, right on the money! Ha ha… man, these two need to see a grief counselor or something.
  • Squid and yams, huh. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten non-fried squid, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference here.
  • Kotori’s always so thoughtful of other people. I think she’d make a great mom someday (but not Tsumugi’s, because that would be weird).
  • A brief glimpse into Kotori’s trauma with knives. She looked pretty young in that flashback. I wonder if it has anything to do with that band-aid she’s always wearing.
  • It occurs to me that we’re probably not going to get through this series without at least one knife accident. I’m already dreading it.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak – Despair

Ep 7

DR3Despair 7 cap
Tell him what he’s won, Bob! A quick, but most certainly not painless, death.
  • Subliminal anime…! Son of a bitch, Mitarai is pure evil! A proper storyteller shouldn’t need to resort to brainwashing to move his viewers. For shame.
  • Oh god, Tsumiki’s first exposure to Junko. This is going to be unpleasant.
  • Oh no, this is it! The original killing game! In a morbid way, I’m actually kind of glad we get to see it, but still, this is gonna be chunky.
  • I just realized, Nanami isn’t here. I guess there goes one of my theories about what happened to her.
  • I have to agree with that bowl cut kid, killing Junko and Mukuro would’ve been a pretty good idea. I mean, knowing those two, they would’ve failed miserably, but as far as the council knew, it was a good idea.
  • So it’s true; Izuru really had almost nothing to do with the first killing game, he just stood there. I mean yeah, he did hit that last guy, but he was the one who revved the chainsaw, so I’d say that’s on him.
  • And there it is. The pieces have been placed. All Junko has to do is tip the domino, and the world ends. Talk about a Wham Episode.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

Ep 8

Art Club 8 cap
You’ve heard of the Da Vinci code, now witness the Van Gogh code.
  • …the door just got stuck with them inside, didn’t it.
  • UGH, that’s so contrived.
  • And Collette continues to be the worst character on this show. No, seriously, I liked her at first, but much like Usami, she’s starting to get on my nerves.
  • Instead of being embarrassed about situations that will never actually happen, I’d rather Usami do something constructive and try to find a way out, like opening the window.
  • I think the reason Usami bothers me is that she has this image of Uchimaki in her head as this doting, devoted boyfriend that, in real life, he would be nothing like. Her feelings just seem kind of disingenuous, like she’s seeing character traits in him that he doesn’t have, which is what makes her crush frustrating.
  • Y’know, “why don’t you do your homework at home” is a good question. Usami isn’t doing any art stuff right now, so why do homework in the club room? Go home.
  • Oh yeah, Usami actually knows a thing or two about art and art history. I kind of forgot there was a reason for her to be in the art club before Uchimaki joined.
  • Pfft, okay. Dirty magazines in the treasure box. That was pretty funny.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Ep 8 (Shorts 36-40)

Saiki 8 cap
Don’t know if an uppercut really counts as a Ghost type attack, but alright.
  • And now he can transform. I wonder how many powers Saiki actually has.
  • Is it me, or is Saiki’s school getting progressively sillier? The students seemed relatively normal at first, now you got people bringing in rickshaws and automatic mahjong tables.
  • I always forget that Ghost types are super effective against other Ghost types. Seems like a weird matchup. Though, if Saiki can punch out Nendou’s ghost dad no problem, what deters him from doing it to Nendou?
  • It’s hard to tell if Saiki is communicating telepathically with his parents, or if they’re just really good at reading him.


Ep 8

amanchu 8 cap
I can’t decide if that’s cute or weird.
  • Seeing Ai and Makoto makes me glad my older sister never made a habit of kicking me. I don’t think my spine could take it.
  • There’s only two kinds of locker letters: love letters and challenge letters. I’m going to wager this one is a challenge letter, just because it would be funny.
  • Ouch, improperly placed love letter. I was double wrong. That’s gotta sting.
  • I stand corrected, Ai took that surprisingly well. She can be mature when she wants to be, I guess.
  • Though I appreciate Hikari going out of her way to support Teko, their relationship is starting to show shades of dependency. The dog metaphor is funny, but I worry Teko will be unprepared for an eventual situation where Hikari isn’t around to encourage her.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Ep 22

JoJo 22 cap
Real talk: I would totally pay money for an RC toy of Sheer Heart Attack.
  • Oh, thank god, they fixed Killer Queen’s face from last week.
  • Are these high schoolers stupid? Shigechi’s clearly a bloody mess, call an ambulance for god’s sake.
  • Shigechi didn’t even leave a body. No wonder no one’s caught Kira, he literally leaves no evidence. That’s quite a Stand he’s got there.
  • Wow, they gathered up every Stand user in Morioh to talk with Keimi, even Okuyasu’s dad. How the hell did he walk around in public? The guy looks like a mutant pickle.
  • Leave it to Jotaro have an unreasonably timely stroke of luck.
  • Woo! Sheer Heart Attack! My favorite not-a-Stand Stand! And if Sheer Heart Attack’s here, that means Echoes Act 3 isn’t far behind. Fun times ahead.

Time Travel Girl

Ep 8

Time Travel Girl 8 cap
Here we see our characters, in desperate search of the plot.
  • Geez, Waka, first you tell people they’re not studying enough, and then you tell people they’re studying too much. Make up your mind.
  • Didn’t Bell, like, steal the patent for the phone or something? I dunno, it’s one of those dark history rumors I hear a lot.
  • Mari’s mom has the patience of a saint. I certainly don’t know anyone who would put up with a spouse disappearing for years at a time.
  • Mikage is seriously skirting the line of full-blown stalker, and he needs to stop.
  • Is it just me, or did nothing really happen in this episode?


Ep 8

Handa 8 cap
That guy in the middle reminds me of Hugo from Final Fight.
  • If Kawafuji really wanted Handa to make friends, he’d stop being an ass and clear up his misunderstandings.
  • So, what, this Ichimiya guy is basically bizarro Handa? He’s outwardly charismatic and openly beloved by his peers, and, if I were to hazard a guess, is a complete piece of human garbage on the inside?
  • JESUS THE EYES. Are iris-enlarging contacts a real thing? Would there even be a market for that?
  • Did Handa just pass out inside a canvas bag? Can you even do that? (Wow, I’m asking a lot of weird questions today.)
  • Whoa, Yuki’s a secret baller. I guess having the sensibility to see Handa as he really is can still be beneficial in this dumb little world of theirs.

Food Wars: The Second Plate

Ep 9

Soma ep 9 cap
Oh wow, I’m actually getting kinda hungry looking at that.
  • Seeing their battles as children reminds me of why I like Alice. She’s rightfully smug, as her skills are the real deal, but she’s also fiercely competitive.
  • Does everything the Director does have some sort of nickname? The Strip, The Grin, what else? The Cough? The Fart?
  • I guess that answers my question from last week; the VA behind Leonora is just a really good method actor.
  • Oh yeah, Yukihira was still cooking. To be honest, they were focusing so much on Hayama and Kurokiba, that I actually forgot he was there for a second.
  • I actually think Yukihira’s dish looked the best, but maybe that’s just because I like rice.

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